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Found 13 results

  1. martinmg

    Opteka Mod With Baby Death Lens?

    been thinking about modding my opteka 58mm death lens with the middle glass piece in a opteka death lens. did anybody do this? is there footage
  2. (Scratched) 52mm opteka mod on a vx1000. Really wide and gets rid of that shitty blue vig. Long lens Vs. Mod http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me0aWjrOf4E&feature
  3. Hey was wondering if anyone has swapped the front and rear glass elements from an mk2 into an opteka .3x. sounds pretty pointless but my mk2 is touching the glass of my hvx, which forces me to space it out. The opteka however is a perfect fit. cheers
  4. FinnFilms

    Opteka 0.3x Titanium Disassembly Help

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the back part of the lens (where it attaches to the camera). I want to attach the the opteka fisheye screw mount to my mk2. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I tried to mod my HDV MK2 for my HMC150 but the glass from the camera lens and the rear fisheye element are touching. Anyone?
  6. bobbybils

    Modteka Test

    Modded my opteka death lens, tell me what you think. Try to ignore the 16:9, its just something i do http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vi1bL7jScM
  7. Been looking for a Century MKII for a while now, cant find n online store anywhere that sells them. anyone know a place? btw i live in Australia so a store that ships to aus would be nice.
  8. indyskatefilms

    Risk Of Modding

    I'm looking into buying a mint raynox and modding it, but whats the risk of modding it? I have a vx1k and i know if you mod it right the vig looks good and its wider than an opteka death lens. Is modding it risky and what is the likelyness of it being terrible, because im thinking about playing it safe and getting the opteka.
  9. indyskatefilms

    Mod Lens

    Does it matter which of the two sony 0.6 lenses you mod your raynox mx3000 with? the sony vcl-0637H or the vcl-0637S? and which is better?
  10. acoops

    Mod An Fx7 Mk2 To Dvx100b

    I'm looking to buy an Mk2 for my DVX100b and I know someone with a Sony fx7 and mk2 who said they will sell me their lens for cheap. I don't live in the same city or anything so I can't just check it out easily but does anyone know if the dvx and fx7 would be the same size or would I need to purchase an adapter as well?
  11. switchflipclip

    Modding Mk1 For Fx1

    Know its been done, Just curious if anyone heres ever modded a mk1 or even mk1 intermediate for the Fx1 and if so howd it turn out, would you recommend it, how difficult would it be and is it worth it? Thanks SP
  12. So I decided to take apart my 6.5 Opteka manybrand to get rid of that little ball that makes the aperture ring click, all seemed to work out well, until about a few hours later when I noticed that the aperture ring has become really loose and will turn by itself at times just from a little bit of shaking, I would put the ball back into the slot to make it clicky again but it has mysteriously disappeared. Has anybody else encountered this problem before and does anyone know how to solve this problem? And yes I realise that it was probably a bad decision. Any help is appreciated, thanks. Also, will a tiny 5mm hairline crack in the plastic near the mount of the lens be dangerous? It just somehow appeared there, doesn't seem to affect anything I'm just worried that it will grow.
  13. Mazi Malakouti

    M.o.d - " The Big Picture" Teaser

    A teaser that I worked on, mainly the editing and grading. Let me know what you think. EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mjon2q9WsFw&feature=g-upl lol, sorry.