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Found 13 results

  1. aj1000

    Vhs And Dvd Sell And Trade

    Have a old vhs's and trying to get money quick. Have two copy's of a skate video. Don't go through the troubles of putting up a eBay page. Find and sell your old or new skate videos today. Sell just one skate video or sell you whole collection. No scams and no rip off's. ( just to note I "aj1000" am not selling any skate DVDs or vhs's)
  2. atlien97

    New Old Stuff

    Here is some stuff I was planning on posting but then forgot about that I took a little while ago. Comments and Critique would be much appreciated. Join Hands by davisemory114, on Flickr Fences by davisemory114, on Flickr Grime by davisemory114, on Flickr
  3. New video by Will Riemer.
  4. Once again, Eminem's new vibe has completely turned my head away. This might be tight if i was like really hammered. I bump some Slim Shady, but i really don't know wtf is going on.
  5. Daniel Hasson


    Hey SP, I've got for sale a never used Raymod (Raynox MX3000) and want to sell it however I don't have enough posts to post in the 3CCD and Death Lens'. So therefore I'm also willing to trade it with one or two VX1000 batteries. The fisheye can also come with the Sony VCL-0637H .6x to mod it and a 52mm-58mm Step Up Ring so it can fit a VX1000. The .6x middle element is the same as the one in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bDe7x2nwWg I'm sorry but I can't post pictures here so PM if you're interested. Only looking for about £50 for it all (about US $60-$70).
  6. Spring 2013 at Long Branch skatepark featuring Danny Janosko, Blake Mahon, Matt Kennelly, Liam McCabe, Jon Edwards, Chris Anderson, Sachi Bahra, Wes Masco and Mike Mixon. Filmed & edited by Jon Edwards Music: Washed Out "Echoes" Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subscribejetv
  7. My part from the DVD, tell me what you think
  8. kwesi6

    First Camera

    Hey SP users, This will be my first camera for general use and for skate filming. I'm trying to decide between a SD Camcorder and a DSLR like a Canon T2/3/4i or 7/5D. I would really enjoy having the DSLR as it's smaller and I can use digital media however I've seen a bunch of clips of the VX1000,2000 and DVX100b and I'm loving the clips I've seen so far. They really do look crisp. I have about $600 to spend and so I'm looking for more bang for my buck. A DSLR seems like a clear choice if I want more use out of my camera but honestly I think I can get by with just my cellphone if I want to take pictures. I'm really set on either a DVX100b or T2i at this point unless someone can recommend another camera and include some Pros and Cons that would make that particular item more favorable compared to other options. Thanks!
  9. CaSk8er411

    Fs: Mint Pentax K-x

    Hey guys, Up for sale is my MINT, White Pentax K-X DSLR. Got it a few months ago and used it only a few times. Still have the box, strap, usb cable, and everything else it came with. This thing has been used 3 or 4 times, practically brand new! Text me for pics or look at my craigslist link below Will do $400 shipped. message me or text me. 518 878 5471 http://albany.craigslist.org/pho/3317197049.html
  10. My first ever skate edit with my new Canon t3i! Critique me so I know what to improve on. It was all filmed on the 18-55 kit lens because it is all I have at the moment. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNzbWy_EY3U
  11. Callumalmost

    Hd Starter Camera For Really Cheap?

    Hi, I'm quite new here so sorry if i make mistakes, so I want to start filming but I'm 17 and dont have a job so havent really got that much money, and this also makes saving quite hard, anyways I'm looking for a really cheap HD camera to get me started, would be good if it has functions that you can set manually like shutter speed and exposure etc. Also I really dont want anything that uses tapes, as I really cant afford any tape head problems, reliability is also definetly a big factor, so I have the equivalent of about $500, I live in the Uk by the way. I have already searched the forums and found the pannasonic sd9 being recommended, what do you guys think should I go with this do you have any better suggestions, Thanks in advance
  12. http://www.flickr.com/photos/codyeichelberger/