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Found 23 results

  1. Nothing but fishguts.
  2. Video I made showing the power of the 528w lights. So far my friend Dean and myself have been able to effectively light up every spot with just two of these lights.(including a cn-160 on-board just to get ride of the filmers shadows) I think these lights are the best way around buying a generator set-up. They are light weight and never get hot. They run off vx batteries so for all the vx filmers, you don't even have to buy batteries! I have been lucky enough to not have one of these hit the ground from a flying board, but I'm sure it would mess it up pretty bad, so maybe sandbags would be a smart buy. Looking at the prices Having the 528w set-up is half the price of just the generator!! So let me know what you think! Links for items used: 528w light Light stands Sony 770 batteries cn-160
  3. My sony vx1000 has had some major problems last month due to VAP damage from filming in Vietnam rainy season (it was really humid). Anyway Prior to it going all blurry and weird i filmed over 19 hours of footy. We didn't have a capture cam so we only viewed back the footage if it was a land, and NEVER used it to capture footy. So i know everything was there. A friend sent over an old capture cam from the uk, but it was knackered so i got new heads put in the capture cam here in Vietnam (It saves to just have them replaced than searching and haggling for ages to get cheap mini dv cameras). Anyway all the footy on the mini dv tapes that were filmed with the vx1000 are showing up as blurry/glitchy as if the heads in the capture cam are fucked but if you record using the capture cam they work fine. My sony vx got sent to Japan and the VAP got replaced and was working fine, but i got robbed last week so i no longer have the VX so i cant even have a quick peek to see if the tapes play fine on the vx. Everything that was filmed after the VAP was replaced was in the bag that got stolen. So i cannot check any of the new footy filmed with the vx. Need help with this one, don't want to loose 19 hours of footy.
  4. Seven Days

    After Dark.

    Went to France for 2 weeks, not far from Carcassonne, stupidly picturesque villages & mountains. More here ambient/natty light Thoughts please xxx
  5. Some night footage shot at wadsworth skatepark.
  6. DecaturSkater

    Cutting Kinks

    I believe there was a post on this but it had been archived.. Anyway, there are a couple of rails in my town that are perfect in all ways except for the kinks. A couple of them are at a school that is gated off after dark and no one really goes by. The rails are in the back pretty far from the entrance. I was considering cutting a hole in the fence on a more hidden side to get in and out in and go one night and cut the kinks right off. What would the best way to do this? I would have around 3 or 4 extra people with me and it would be dark. What kind of saw/ tool would be the quietest and be somewhat efficient?
  7. We lit up the skatepark for an hour and had some fun We wanted to use more lights to get rid of the filmer's shadows and film lines, but didn't bring enough extension cords...we're going to plan ahead next time Filmed by my friend, edited by myself (I'm the skater with brown pants, if that matters at all)
  8. Jaquan Cummings

    Jose Ledesma: Nosegrind

    Hey, I'm still learning how to shoot better at night, But I do have a hot box flash. Canon Speedlite 580EX2. I do know that i need to get some pocket wizards and some more tripods. Any tips? or things i should know?
  9. Hey I recently went to Pomerelle Mountains Hot Iron Night Rail Jam and filmed some of the homies and just put up this little edit. Let me know what you think Watch in HD
  10. Nothing too crazy but I'm pretty hyped on how this turned out, this dude makes skating look fun for sure.
  11. Some footage we got in about two hours, testing out the light and DIY handle. It's quite bright and the built quality is amazing. Critique is much appreciated.
  12. TheMannytee

    Kai Sutton - Backside Flip

    Old shot.
  13. JrmyRenner

    Best Light For The Vx1000

    Im currently running the z96 led light but I'm looking for something particular brighter and usually bulbs lights are recommended. Any input would be well appreciated.
  14. A short skate video filmed only in the small downtown area of our city. All filmed at night. Trying to take skating back to the roots: good times with the homies and going out to skate because its fun not because you are filming the hardest trick you can. Enjoy!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohDEn_OH3mg
  15. benliberatore

    Night #1

    Some footage really old some new so pardon the filming. Feeback plzz
  16. Jerskates


    A short skate video coming soon filmed only in the downtown area at night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93sMGdSwROo&feature=youtu.be
  17. Seven Days

    More Street.

    Midnight, quiet street, pretty girl playing a rad instrument unaware of me, she must've been waiting for a photographer to come past. Friday afternoon London commuters. This one or this one , Was difficult to make it obvious, but the guy on the right has fallen asleep mid-text/email, on one of his two Blackberry's. Was originally interested in this scene because they were all smoking in the strictly non-smoking part of the new Kings Cross station. Liked it still despite the fact that's hardly visible. Crit much encouraged.
  18. Coronaskater

    Nocturnal Teaser

    This is the teaser for what ive been working on all summer, too hot to skate in the day so its an all night time short film/big montage.
  19. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Night Time At Mt. Eliza

    Testing out our new generator at the new Mt. Eliza skatey. Haven't made any clips in a fair while, been busy filming for my full length haha Give me your thaughts VX2100/opteka Additional filming - Ben Turner
  20. Went out with a higher ISO/lower aperture. These ones look a whole lot better in my opinion....Every shot was f/8, 30 seconds, 1600 ISO. Critique please. House/Moon. by CaP17A, on Flickr I wish the light of the house didn't glare so much but whatever, I'll do it again eventually. Pond revisited. by CaP17A, on Flickr Another pond shot. This is a little lighter and I like the aura around the edges of the trees. Rip it to shreds. Moon revisited. by CaP17A, on Flickr Revisited moon. No clouds this time which I think sucks. Critique dem all. Check down the Everything Else list for the other long exposure shots I did to compare. NOMGTHX GUIZE!