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Found 60 results

  1. Featuring: Nico Labbé, Christopher Kuitenbrouwer, Will Cohen, Adam Matthews, Jasper Stieve, Tyler Perason-Mallin, and Justin Fabus. Filmed mainly in Toronto, but features clips from Montreal, New York City, and North Carolina. Filmed/edited by Adam Banks.
  2. Premiering December 10th in NYC at Sunshine Cinema. Featuring Yoshi Tanenbaum, OG Mike Heikkila, Michael Bruch (my nigga Michael), Jason Sherman, Zach Moore, Alex Conn, Pat Gallaher, and Josh Manoles.
  3. Scenes in New York & New Jersey during the fall of 2014. Filmed & edited by Jon Edwards Music: Tycho - Awake Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subscribejetv http://facebook.com/jonneyetv http://instagram.com/jonneye http://jonneye.tumblr.com
  4. ManipulatedMinds


    I've been filming a lot of VHS this year, but finally i captured it.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRh5vkiXr94
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRh5vkiXr94
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjlKkCym8TU
  8. Im wondering how bad and how much it would cost if me and friends took two vans up to manhattan(i live in spotsy, va)and we stayed in the vans for a week if thats legal, i dont think cops will care but who am i we would probably take showers at a friends house hopefully and yeah if you could gimme some info on this from some nyc peeps thatd be kool
  9. macfilmproductions

    City Shots

    Yo SP Im a filmer/skateboarder but due to me breaking my back skating, I invested in a 7D for photography and have been shooting around NYC. Hit up my Instagram (@ifilm4lenshits) and I would appreciate any feed back on this shit. Thanks dawgs
  10. Paul Hintz in PFP3 Filmed in Westchester, NYC, and Eastern Connecticut Sponsorship provided by 2nd Nature Skate Shop http://picturefuckingperfect.com/
  11. A montage of scenes in NYC & NJ during February of 2014. Filmed & edited by Jon Edwards Music: Boards of Canada - '84 Pontiac Dream FB: http://facebook.com/jonneyetv http://instagram.com/jonneye http://jonneye.tumblr.com
  12. Christmas 2013 montage at the Long Branch skate park with shots of Rockefeller Center on Christmas Eve. Featuring Liam McCabe, Chris Anderson, Jon Edwards, Dan Zambrano, Ryan Chaney, Danny Janosko & Blake Mahon. Filmed & edited by Jon Edwards Additional filming by Dan Zambrano See the past Christmas videos: http://bit.ly/jetvxmas Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subscribejetv http://facebook.com/heavyhittas http://twitter.com/heavyhittas
  13. PICTURE F***ING PERFECT 3 Coming January, 2014 Click here for more PFP! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=mikesassdv Featuring: Brandon Gironda, Marcus Eagel, Paul Hintz, Chris Johnston, Joey Wilson, and More. A Video By: Michael Sassano In Association With: 2nd Nature Skate shop Filmed in Westchester, NY, New York City, & Western Connecticut http://picturefuckingperfect.com
  14. JETV commercial featuring Cody Benesta, Jon Edwards & Jon Wagner. Shot with ARRI Alexa Plus in 120fps. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subscribejetv Director of Photography: Hunter Baker Directed & Edited by: Jon Edwards Produced by: Hunter Baker Music: Wilderness Cove - Lakota https://soundcloud.com/wildernesscove http://facebook.com/heavyhittas http://instagram.com/jonneye http://twitter.com/heavyhittas
  15. Featuring Jon Edwards, Brian Tober and Andrew Kennelly. Shot with ARRI Alexa Plus Director of Photography: Hunter Baker Directed & Edited by: Jon Edwards Produced by: Hunter Baker Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subscribejetv http://facebook.com/heavyhittas http://instagram.com/jonneye http://twitter.com/heavyhittas
  16. JrmyRenner

    Critique Me

    What can i do better?
  17. NYC session on June 17, 2013 with Ryan Chaney, Ronson Lambert and Louis Tolentino. http://bit.ly/subscribejetv Filmed & edited by Jon Edwards Music: Nefarious! - Tellus http://instagram.com/jonneye http://facebook.com/heavyhittas http://twitter.com/heavyhittas
  18. My friends and I took a two week road trip recently. This is a little something I made with the footage that isn't being saved. This is also my first edit with my new camera.
  19. nicolaslebeau

    Boardslide Transfer

    Kevin Reubeuze - Boardslide transfer - Published in Sugar 147