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Found 13 results

  1. Well I had this one sitting in the bowels of my computer for a while! Anyways guys hope you enjoy it. Please share thoughts and opinions!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYh1Ynb9SfM&t=6s
  2. vx600d

    Opteka 52 Or 57mm Fisheye

    Has anyone in the north west UK got a opteka 52 or 57mm fish for sale? I could pick it up if its not too far away.. im in liverpool, let me know!
  3. tyler strasser

    Small Street Part

    any kind of feedback is appreciated
  4. tyler strasser

    Rain/comp Clips

    please give me any kind of feedback...
  5. mikeronzitti

    Blurry Vig On Vx2k/opteka 58mm?

    On my footage the vig seems blurry compared to what I see on some videos on the interwebs. I usually just do push auto cause im lazy but even when i dont do that i feel like it's still blurry. What can I do to get my vig not blurry. I put on 2 spacers so you can see the vig better, I usually don't have this much. Mine Vs Some other guy's This guy's set up is the exact same set up as what I have in that picture, Vx2k/Opteka with 2 spacers.
  6. First throwaway for my full length. C&C are welcome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXR07q9qAY8
  7. baptastic12

    Backyard Vert Sesh

    Check out this footage from my buddy's back yard vert ramp. It's pretty rad to pull up into a quiet neighborhood to find a giant vert ramp hiding out. Any comments are appreciated.
  8. Ian_johnson

    Rip Foley St. Diy

    Some assholes destroyed our local DIY it was a sad day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9AXqIIB9Co
  9. Hello ladies and germs (HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE), I have a 60d that I love, I use it to shoot nearly all of my footage. I recently have started filming skateboarding a lot and thought a fisheye lens would be necessary. However, I didn't want to shell out $300 for a Rokinon 8mm or something to that effect. I instead bought a fisheye made by Opteka that attaches to another lens, this one to be exact: http://www.amazon.com/Opteka-Super-Angle-Panoramic-Fisheye/dp/B0027U6OXI It works great. I mean, yeah, it's not professional, but it gets the job done very well for it's price. I know in the skate/filming community those lenses are very frowned upon, and I'm just wondering why? Why all the hate? Is there some inferiority that I'm not aware of? Thanks
  10. jesseskates

    Panasonic Ag-dvx100p Package 250$$

    So i have a dvx100p package for sale.Comes with 3 panasonic li-on batteries, wall charger,one premiuim panasonic tape, and opteka 72mm fisheye lens.It has two minor problems:It was dropped and the focus ring fell off along with the leica lens cover.I gorilla glued the focus ring back on but you still have to glue the leica lens to the focus ring to put the fisheye on.You do not need to repair this if you dont want to,you simply rely on the autofocus to film.The other problem is that when it was dropped something inside fell out of place and now when you put a tape in it reads auto off cylinder lock.I went to the repair shop and was told it would be about a 100 dollar fix.The fisheye is in pretty rough condition and has its shares of scratches on it,but if youre broke and want a death lens heres youre chance.I want 250 for the whole package which is pretty fair to me since the fisheye alone new is about 200 so just hit me up and shoot me some offers,Peace Reason for selling: need to save up money for a mk1 for my vx ,so i dont have any use for this anymore
  11. Probably my best edit so far, nothing fancy, just skating our diy spot. Tell me what you think!
  12. Hey so im selling a very mint gs500. never had a glitch , internally the camera runs great. externally theres like a scratch on the body near the viewfinder but thats it and it doesnt affect the quality of the footy. I have a mini bag that comes with it and 2 batteries with a charger and a battery that you can hook up to an outlet so it never dies. asking $300 + shipping obo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A3Z18_uLhM ^footage of gs500 with the first raymod. I HAVE ALL THE ATTACHMENTS FOR THE GS500 to use the raymod on (and opteka) I have 2 raymods for sell. I have one with no scratches on it or any buffs. asking for $65 obo the other one is just my oldest fisheye and thats why imm selling it for $30 obo I dont have a pic of it right now but i can easily get one just pm me or text message me I have a mint opteka 62 mm fisheye only used to film with less than 5 times on my old camera which was an fx7. (which i just recently sold.) asking $160 + shipping obo. i also have a 62mm to 58 mm downsize ring. ^comes with a leather case to protect it and looks cool I also have a sony 10/20 asking $40 + shipping obo SOLD Bags I have a canon 200 eg bag $20 + shipping and a ty 2 bag asking $75 + shipping just shoot me a number even though i have listed prices i may easily change my mind nothing is set in stone. also if you want an immediate response text message me at 4074550003 very negotiable and if you buy more than 1 thing ill hook it up