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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, I want to trade the following: -Chinon 672 AUTOZOOM CLASSIC -Kodachrome 40 Super 8 Cartridge (it was very hard to get my hands on this) -Raynox MX3000 (Raymod) NOTE: THE VX1000 IN THE IMAGE IS NOT INCLUDED -Sony HVC-3000P VHS camera The raymod has the sony .6x middle element and the 52mm-58mm step up ring for the vx1000. file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2211.jpg >>> Raymod image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2210.jpg >>> Raymod image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2212.jpg >>> Raymod image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2213.jpg >>> HVC image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2214.jpg >>> HVC image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2215.jpg >>> HVC image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2216.jpg >>> Super 8 image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2217.jpg >>> Chinon image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2220.JPG >>> Chinon image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2221.JPG >>> All of the equipment file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2226.JPG >>> Super 8 image The kodachrome I filmed for literally 3-5 seconds on. The film had a maximum of 2 and a half minutes so there is still about 2:25mins left. The raymod is in excellent condition and so is the Sony HVC-3000P. I want to trade ideally for a broken DVX100A, but seeing as this is unlikely, I'd want to trade for a ty2 bag or some vx1000 batteries. PM for any questions or email me as I'll reply much faster: danchasson@hotmail.com IF THE IMAGES AREN'T WORKING, PLEASE EMAIL OR PM FOR THEM! Thanks!
  2. Daniel Hasson

    Wtb: Century Mk1

    Hey there SP! I'm looking for a MK1 for my VX1000. I do live in the UK but am willing to pay for anything worldwide. I have also got a fund of just over £300 (around US $470) and this fund is not including postage. I've got these items to trade for a MK1 as well the money: - Sony HVC-3000P (Comes with original Sony, Trinicon Hard Case) - Opteka 58mm Fisheye (The 'MK2 replica') - Raynox MX3000 58mm Fisheye - Century Optics .6x Wide Angle MK2 for the Panasonic DVX100A (Bayonet Mount) - 43mm to 52mm Step Up Ring - 46mm to 52mm Step Up Ring - 49mm to 52mm Step Up Ring - 52mm to 58mm Step Up Ring - 58mm to 52mm Step Down Ring The HVC-3000P is in excellent condition with no scratches on the lens or body. The leather handle has some of the leather wearing away but thats it as far as 'wear and tear' goes. The Opteka has been through a lot and therefore has scratches on the front element. The back element has some marks that I have no idea what they are and have been there ever since I purchased it. The body of it has a few scratches but thats it. It was also modded with a SONY VCL-0637H and that can also be sent off. The Raynox has been used only once or twice. There are no scratches on either elements and the body is in perfect condition! (This fisheye can also be modded with the Sony VCL-0637H). The .6x MK2 has only been used once or twice as well and is in perfect condition. There are no scratchs, dents or marks on the body or the elements. All step up rings are in excellent condition. The 52mm to 58mm Step Up Ring has some dried superglue on it. This has NO affect on being screwed on to a camera or lens. The reason why it was used was because it was used when I modded my Opteka with the Sony VCL-0637H. It wont let me post images so if you need any, send me an email (email address below). But of course if you do not want to sell me a MK1 with these as well then still message me. Please PM me if you have a deal or email me: danchasson@hotmail.com Thanks!
  3. danhasson

    Dvx100a Mk2

    Yo, If you're a DVX filmer and you want a ridiciously cheap MK2, then take a look at this: http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1555.l2649
  4. suckmadeck

    Dvx100/100a/100b Scene Files

    Hello kids, I noticed how a lot of the threads on Scene Files on the Panasonic cameras are directed towards the HPX170, HVX200 or the HMC150 or the HMC40, but I didn't notice anything on DVX Scene Files, so I though I'd put mine here. But please note, these are my Scene Files, and these work for me, I suggest that you play around with it till you find the perfect Scene File for you, so, here we go. I have 3 Scene Files set to Regular 1: 60i 2: 30p 3 :24p and the Scene Files for those are Detail Level = +2 V Detail Level = 0 Detail Coring = +3 Chroma Level = +3 Chroma Phase = 0 Color Temp = 0 Master Ped = -4 A. Iris Level = 0 Gama = B.Press Knee = Auto Matrix = Cinelike Skin Tone DTL = Off V Detail Freq = Thin and now, I'll list the other 3, which I use for artsy shots and B-Roll Detail Level = +7 V Detail Level = 0 Detail Coring = 0 Chroma Level = +3 Chroma Phase = +7 Color Temp = 0 Master Ped = -13 A. Iris Level = +4 Gama = Cinelike V Knee = Auto Matrix = Cinelike Skin Tone DTL = Off V Detail Freq = Thick I hope this helps any of you starting out with the DVX, it's one of the best SD cameras out there and the best thing I've ever bought!
  5. Going to the grand opening of a local indoor park and was wondering if anyone had some good settings for indoor skating. Thanks