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Found 52 results

  1. ZachBellman


    It feels like I haven't filmed skateboarding in a long time. Well because I haven't. So here is a little park edit that I made with the homies to help me get back on my feet with filming a little! Since it's been a while my filming is a little sloppy but any suggestions, comments, or anything is advised criticism is the best way to improve. (P.s. It's Broomfield spelled backwards)
  2. MEfilmer97

    Park Footage

    footage at my local park filmed in one day
  3. Fairbanks Films

    Alaska Skate Edit

    little edit from the skaters up north. if you enjoyed it please like, comment, and sub! Also anything you guys wanna critique or whatever lemme know here too, thanks!
  4. Going In Real Quick
  5. A short and sweet edit of my flatmate at our local - enjoy!
  6. Kingsleyattwood


    cc pls
  7. Knifefight

    Hvx Test Footy

  8. its been snowing a lot so we've been skating parks a lot. filmed and edited by Colin Stanley (vx1000/mk1)
  9. Hey I just wanted to share with you guys this little edit I put together from the last few days filming at the park. Let me know what you guys think! And feel free to Share, Like, and Subscribe!!! We are also working on putting out his street part soon http://youtu.be/fHQv8W2cw7I
  10. please watch this and let me know whatever comes to mind!! any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  11. This is the first skate video I've made with my t2i. Not really looking for critique, just wanted to share!
  12. Okay, i didnt really know where to post this topic but this seemed right. Basically i film with my bestfriend, and ive been doing it for awhile. all we do is film at the park and we never really get anything good. i try to tell him to come with me to spots and to look for spots but hes so hard headed he just says no all the time. he says that theyre are none but hes just too lazy to look. i know of two other good kids i can film with but they're both older then me and always driving to go to spots and i dont know if theyd drive me, or id be to embraced to drive with them. i probably seem weird now but does anyone have any advice or suggestions? thanks in advance.
  13. Check out our new clip, I found some old park footage and put it in but........yeah.........the filming, its like hand over eyes filming if you know what I mean. Anyway peace out!
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuDvO3-oCQ4
  15. Hey I just wanted to share with you guys this little edit I made of Preston Elliott & Braxton Dalton as we took up Preston's HandRail he made for his Senior Project and filmed a little bit. Let me know what you think and feel free to share this and Subscribe if you like
  16. Colin_stanley

    Rad Shack

    Just some recent park clips, nothing too special Filmed and edited by Colin Stanley (Vx1000/Mk1) Additional filming by Nick Karry on the clip at 2:18
  17. Summer 2012 at L.E.S. skatepark. [VIDEO] [/VIDEO]Featuring Leo Heinert, Andrew Kennelly, Brian Tober, Rob Campbell, Jon Edwards, Robby Rosano and Tim Bennett. Filmed & edited by Jon Edwards
  18. MovementMovement1

    Michigan Winter Footage

    This past Winter was a harsh one in MI so I only skate a few times outdoors and street. Here's all the saved footage I got. Most of this video is all just fun stuff and nothing serious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3SP6MUguEE
  19. Hey I recently went to Pomerelle Mountains Hot Iron Night Rail Jam and filmed some of the homies and just put up this little edit. Let me know what you think Watch in HD
  20. Got these clips the other day before my battery died. I try to stay away from making park edits now so I decided to just throw this up. All RAW; No color correction or anything of that sort. Watch in HD, enjoy, subscribe, like, critique, comment, blah, blah, and blah. THANKS!
  21. TonyZ

    Minute At The Local

    A short montage of the homies at the local, check it out! Critique and advice is appreciated, a sub would make my day Thanks