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Found 8 results

  1. zackkbake

    Junior College Academic Probation

    I took some photos yesterday of my friends ripping and I like how some of them turned out. They have been filming a video for the past year or so and I've started coming along. I posted them up at http://www.maynesmanor.com if anyone cares to check them out and tell me they suck. Insta promo
  2. Zachcruz

    T3i To D5200

    i currently have a t3i that i use for filming and pictures. im thinking of switching to a d5200 because it shoots at 24mp and 1080p at 60 fps while the t3i is only 1280p at 60fps and 18mp. should i switch or is there a downside to the d5200
  3. Josiahgarcia-photography

    Local Riders/hometown Heroes/up And Comers

    We tend to over look the dudes who shred locally because were so caught up in "pro status" however i wanna see what photos you have of new riders or dudes who you love to shoot, guys you think will make it, and so on.
  4. So I haven't posted on SkatePerception lately because I haven't came around to it. I would like actual constructive criticism please. Thanks Equitment: Canon T2i w/ Battery Grip, Canon 50mm F/1.8, Rokinon 85mm F/1.4 First sunrise that I shot. August 1st 2012 5:48a.m. This one is my friend Anna. I know her arm is cut off a little. Brianna Bonus 1 For #1 I used The Brenizer Method. Also known as a Bokeh Panorama. 50 pictures stitched together. Bonus 2 Shot this in a downpour. It was super fun and came out nice.
  5. ChaseCollins

    Tre Flip And Front Boardslide

    Here are some photos (requiring a team effort) I have taken of my friends using an external flash for my first time. The flash I used is a very old second hand one I borrowed off my friends dad. The fun thing about these photos were that I didn't use any triggers. I set my shutter on bulb and while I held it open my friend holding the flash aimed it at the skater and pushed the test button on it which set off the flash. Was kind of stoked how semi legit they looked. I don't really shoot much and when I do it's just for fun mucking around with the homies. Any feed back welcomed guys Cheers Tre Flip: Front Board:
  6. davismit000

    Outdoor Product Shoot

    I recently finished of photo shoot of some car-window decals. The shoot was outdoors on an incredibly sunny day. Many of the photos had so much glare on the windows that the fine details of the decals could barely be seen. Also, in some light you can see hundreds of bubbles underneath the decals. Does anyone have any tips on blocking or reflecting the sunlight in a proper fashion? Could it be as simple as re-parking the car until the glare is not as apparent, or waiting for an overcast day? Thanks in advance to all!
  7. ChaseCollins

    Tre Bomb, Frontside Air, Crail Slide

    Here are some photos that I have shot recently at my local park while messing around with friends, Any feedback at all is welcome. Cheers guys Tre bomb http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream Frontside Air http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream Crail Slide http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream