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Found 2 results

  1. Hey folks, I've been to Barcelona last week with a "new" used VX 1K. When I was looking at playbacks via Edit Search the footage looked totally glitchy. After checking the trick, I wasn't able to record. This little arrow icon appeared along with a beeping noise. After this I wasn't even able to do an Edit Search again. Then I popped a new tape in there, filmed a little, checked the footage. But the same problem occured over and over again. So in the end I stopped checking any footage at all. In hope to not damage the tape or cause any more glitches. Yesterday I came back home and tried to capture the footage. It looked horribly glitchy and rendered unusable. I even tried to capture with my VX. But it wouldn't let me do any operations with the tape deck since the arrow icon issue. Any idea how to save those tapes and the footage?
  2. Hi I have a vx 2100 I was skating and fell on it The footage I recorded before I dropped on it, is fine I captured it through another camera when I got home I didnt notice anything strange until I rewound the tape, from start until finish, the footage had droped audio in places and pixelated lines running in the left 3rd of the screen (almost all of left 3rd) and on the right (only a bit, like 2 vertical line of the stuff). So I put the tape in another vx and Captured all footage, playback was fine. Until!.... I got to the footage after I dropped on the camera. This footage looked the same as when I viewed if before, all glitchy and choppy. Adobe cut could not capture footage, it kept stopping and freezing. Cant work out, if A. The tape is damaged? B. The Heads are damaged? C. The tape is just more dirty where it remains glitchy? D. The drop caused the damage and its unrepairable and camera is damaged? E. ? If anyone has an idea please let me know as its footage from another country, so kind of need to get this last bit off!