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Found 8 results

  1. jtmcgee16

    Super 8: Canon 814

    how much of a hassle is super 8, is there a lot of money i would have to put in just to get my film onto my mac or what do i need to do??
  2. I've been filming for a very long time, and a lot with my vx1000, I had just sent it out about a month ago to video electronics to get it repaired. (Broken VAP, dirty heads, broken viewfinder cable, sketchy tape deck) It was definitely worth the money to repair it, but when I got my vx back i was having the same issues with glitching when i imported footage, its not a visual glitch where theres distortion in the footage or audio glitching, its literally like the my footage is clipping itself into pieces so, the end result when importing is about 50 segments to one clip. Its really annoying and even if i merge the clips into 1 they have a lag to them and skip. I had contacted kerry about it because obviously I'm upset about paying so much money to get a camera back with the same issues, and he had said that it sounded like a software issue and i should hit up the forums to see who could help. So just taking a shot in the dark here, thanks guys ahead of time. - Kyle
  3. I was wondering how to get damaged Vhs effects, paste some links or tell me where i can get them.
  4. dylanflaherty

    Help With Super 8

    hello all. i have a yashica super 40k super 8 camera that i got last month. and today my kodak 200t film came in the mail. so i was just wondering if you guys could give me any information about this camera because i cant really find much about it. i also would appreciate tips on how to produce the best looking footage with super 8. thanks in advance
  5. i was playing back on my dvx100a tonight and it was working just fine and then after like 3 tapes or so it displayed an error reading "auto off s reel lock" and i have no idea why. then i took the battery out and put it back in and ejected the tape and all that so then i try to put another tape in and it ate it. now whenever i try to put a tape in for a second it will display this message. please help?
  6. jakebenjamin

    Skatepark Clip

    i didn't have a filmer board so filming lines was kind of hard but let me know what you think:
  7. Yo, I have a few things to sell (brand new cap cam, batteries, bag, mpc, etc..) and I do not have enough post on my account to start a thread. I rarely get on here anymore, nor film much anymore, time to get rid of some things, can someone please help me out. Edit: I use to buy things all the time when I was active on here, but I dont remember the accounts or if theyre still active to call me legit. Another Edit: Fuck, me, put this in the wrong thread. Sorry to clutter guys.
  8. Sorry if I sound like a complete novice, I'm looking to buy a Mk1 for my vx1000, I have used a raymod and a opteka but really want the mk1. I know the best mk1's to buy are the O.G ones because the glass is a lot better. Recently I have been reading forums and read something about a screw on mk1, but everyone seems to be hating on them. The thing I'm most confused about though is the different bayonets you can get for them and weather or not they will fit on my vx1000. What bayonet should I be looking for? I know people mod them for vx2's once they are modded will they still work with a vx1 bayo? Also I live in New Zealand and was wondering how lenient people are with shipping all the way down here. Any advice would be helpful Cheers guys