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Found 5 results

  1. Does anybody out there have issues with their computer(apple), when it comes to edting? Lag, choppines, or it doesnt run. I'd like to know some ways to make increase the performance of my computer. thanks *and if this helps I'm running a 2.16 INtel Duo core processor, with 4 gigs of ram
  2. My vx200 will randomly enter a "playback" mode and rewind to play about the last 3-5 seconds of what the last thing I filmed was, then just continues like nothing happened. This happens accasionally and its only when I'm on "camera" mode. I have no idea whats wrong with it. Anyone got a clue whats wrong?
  3. com21

    Gh3 Says No Lense Attached

    Ok so I just got my rikinon for my gh3 that i also just got and i started to play around with it but both in picture mode and video mode, it said "NO Lense attached, or record without lense in custome mode", I herd this sometimes might happen, I checked that its right, put it on and took it off several times, nothing changed, I got it to work by going to menue options and turning ON the RECORD WITHOUT LENSE MODE, now pictures and video work fine, all is good, But I just wondering why it would do that and if anyone have experienced it, I just got both of these products so it is all new. thanks
  4. CentralWIHDSLR

    Can't Drag Media To Timeline

    I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 (64 bit) and I can import .avi clips to the project media tab but can't get them to the timeline. I tried closing the program, right clicking on the icon, going to properties, compatibility, and unchecking the "run as administrator" box but that doesn't seem to work. (That seemed to be the best solution for other people with the same problem) I've been trying to figure this out for a week now. Someone please help
  5. thankyoumister

    Vx1000 Audio Problems

    I bought a vx1000. It needed a VF ribbon and mic ribbon(from handle to camera) so i replaced both. I can film and everything is fine, vf works, buttons on handle work(custom presets button) and even the external mic port works. But for some reason, I had audio in and out for about a day(the day i fixed everything up). Now, nothing. Not even audio bars bouncing or anything. As I capture the footage we got that day, I've noticed some clips have audio and some do not. Do i simply need a new mic? Or would it be smart to get an external mic? If I do need a new mic, does anyone know the part number or where/how i can obtain one. Just to re-cap, everything works except the mic. any help is much appreciated. Thanks