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Found 51 results

  1. Hey guys, this website is in need of some organization so I'm going to make a guide for titling posts properly so everyone knows what they are clicking on. The format will be "Topic title - Video type". Below is a guid to follow so you know what category your video palls under. -Promo (A promotional video or trailer for a full skate video or part that is in the works) -Teaser (Same as above but a smaller, more suspenseful version) -Full Part (A single piece of a larger skate video project) -Montage (A compilation of skateboarding footage from various people) -Demo Montage (A montage of a demo you attended and filmed) -Demo Reel (A video highlighting your strengths as a filmmaker compiled into a montage usually used to show potential employers. Does not need to be skateboarding) -Non-Skate Related (A video that has no relation to skateboarding at all. Ex. A commercial you made for a corporate event. A travel vlog. A short film you made for a film festival. Etc.) -Animation (An animation you have made as a part of larger project) Everyone please follow these guides and lets keep this place organized. I will be editing topics to the correct format if it hasn't been done correctly already. Thanks
  2. Shitdick22

    LUCY - Promo

    Made a video over my 6 week winter break from school. Premieres 2/3/18 at Travel Skateshop. Will be online soon after.
  3. Mixing the art of Skateboarding & Freerunning. Let me know what you think! The full length video we made this promo for got taken down due to copyright issues but this promo right here is my favorite from the whole video, let me know what you think Progressive Lifestyle Promo [intro] ~ @JakeRench
  4. Check it out, give her a look.
  5. johnoneal


    My good friend and filmer Connor Howitt just released his brand new video trailer. Check it out, give some feedback, maybe even share it. An Arizona Based film.
  6. this video is really stupid, to be honest we just made this video until my vx comes in christmas. Trying something different with the stupid rap and the tits and shit. half this stuff filmed was not me. Only the stuff filmed on SD. Critique if you want to
  7. Crust: Highschoolhouseparty is a blog straight out of long island Ny. A blog mostly about skateboarding in miscellaneous stuff. Links: Highschoolhouseparty.tumblr.com Instagram: highschoolhouseparty
  8. I'm new to editing and Filming this is a promo I made for a full length that I'm hoping to make. Thoughts?
  9. TylerSmolinski

    Urban Exposure

    Quick promo to my video coming out within the next coming month. First SP post.
  10. New video by Will Riemer.
  11. harrisoatesmedia.com I've been working on this project with Nate and Austin ever since I moved back home to Chattanooga, and the boys have put in work since. Their goal was to go to spots that no one really skates anymore or find spots that have never been skated and bring the creative minds to the table. Sometimes its not about who gets the gnarliest trick on a spot, for these two, its "how can I skate this spot different than anybody else?" This is their first skate part for both of them, so it's sick to see them share it together! Filmed and Edited by Harris Oates "THE HIGHEST POINT" IS NOW OUT ON DVD! Go buy your copy at Comfort Skateshop in Chattanooga, Sixth Avenue Skatepark in Nashville, or head over to www.harrisoatesmedia.com and we will ship you one! harrisoatesmedia.com
  12. Come the the Rappahannock Regional Library saturday july 5th to watch
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXrG98UcioM
  14. joey skates

    Best Intentions

    out of kansas city missouri
  15. heres the last promo for me and my chums video. prolly premiering like summer or early fall get hyped!
  16. johnoneal

    Bocult Promo

    Filmed and Edited by Connor Howitt. Coming 2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVbezGMpLUg
  17. Hey guys, Would love to know what you think about this promo for the premiere of my video that I recently finished. Filmed in Washington DC and Baltimore.
  18. FilmForPeace

    Get Down Promo

    This is a old rough cut of a promo i made right before i hopped out the filmer game, my mac crashed and i lost all the footy to this vid unfortunately, a local skate shop has my tapes tho, tell me what you think
  19. Check out my friend's mini full length. Filmed and Edited by Cole Vanwey. Skaters real names in order: Joe Taylor, Jonathan Pierce, Andrew Clarke, Jake Gaudette, Twain Greene, Solomon "Turtle" Ruybalid , Rob Hayes, Dakoda Osusky, Chase Herman, Travis Farmer, Greg Dunagan, Donavan Nearing, Rob Montaro, Jesse Olguin.
  20. Me and my crew are coming out with our first full length this summer. I am excited and there is gonna be a lot of good skaters in it. So tell me what you think.