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Found 3 results

  1. 1. When im outside, my manual focus doesnt seem to work very well. I dont really know whyu and im just kindof curious. it works sometimes though. its not like its always blurry either. its just like its always in auto. it is worse with the fisheye (raymod) 2.Can someone who is a veteran viewfiner or viewfinder cable faliures tell me their experieces? My viewfinder has been having real short quick flickers for a while now, but just recently it flickers longer and the screen is darker and the just cuts to black when in certain positions. when it is in the down position its still fine though. is this the ribbon cable or the viewfinder or what? i just always thought of the viewfinder ribbon faliure as going straight to a black screen im looking for some feedback or help and thanks in advance. kerry, you may be seeing my camera soon.
  2. At 2:22 in this one http://vimeo.com/53694436 and at 2:06 in this one
  3. hhsmith5

    Capture Cam

    Hey i might be buying a trv900 with fisheye and everything but i dont have anther SD camera that uses tapes so i dont have a capture cam. If i dont have one will that ruin the TRV900? Please HELP!