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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster. I've had this problem with my viewfinder since i've had my Vx1000. Is it a viewfinder ribbon cable issue? I've got these weird lines that only pop up if the viewfinder is tilted upright. It also makes the exposure etc seem like it's a bit over exposed when it's in fact set perfectly. Snapped back down in position it works fine and colour etc are perfect. All the lines disappear. I don't mind for the time being, it just makes filming with the mk1 a little harder at times. I've attached pictures. First one has the lines. Second is normal. Sorry about the quality.
  2. I know that there are a lot of video explaning Sony vx1000 viewfinder repair, but none of them had precised how to install the new ribbon cable You can find these on Ebay, from USA or Canada for 20$. Be sure to know that these cable had been modified to fit correctly on the vx. DESCRIPTIVE PICTURE I advice you to download the picture in order to zoom and see details. This technique works for new ribbon cable (Ebay). To remove / detach the viewfinder properly , you must remove the left and right sides of the camcorder, and remember to remove the screws located in the opening tape. Pictured 5 shows that the ribbon cable is following the cutting edge of the viewfinder. If done correctly , with taking care to observe , the ribbon cable should have enough slack so that it fits gently and does not twist when you lift the viewfinder. The french explanation is here Message me if problems VX1000 rules
  3. ever since yesterday, my vx has been having this problem where the viewfinder is all black and doesn't work, but when i tilt the viewfinder down (so that it's pointing horizontal) i can get it to turn on and work sometimes, only to have it shut off when i tilt the viewfinder up again i'm assuming the ribbon cable is messed up in some way, but before i take it all apart i thought it'd be a good idea to check with people who know better than me first ahaha so, if any of you have any suggestions or ideas as to whats wrong with my camera its much appreciated
  4. Alright so basically I was out filming today and my viewfinder went black. I assumed it was the ribbon cable getting knocked out of place. I just decided to handle it when I get home. I look up a tutorial on youtube and started to go to work. Well me being the clumsy ass I am I tore this ribbon cable along with having a bad viewfinder one. Any idea how much it would be to fix it and where I can send it to? I'm working on a full length video part for my friend and the shop he rides for so I need to figure this out ASAP. Please help!!
  5. After filming a night session my Sony VX1000 started being blurry. All the settings were fine- white balance/shutter speed/ aperture was all set and was working fine. Even when everything is on auto the image looks grainy and blurry. It looks as if there is condensation in the viewfinder. We played back an old tape and the footy looks fine. Recorded onto a new tape and the footy is all blurry and hazy. After fiddling around with shutter speeds, ND filters etc thinking it must be something i have accidentally pressed, the image in the viewfinder went black but all the icons in the viewfinder remained. The camera was taken to a camera repairman but he just said the lens was old. I live in Vietnam so translation can be difficult. Im not sure if its a possible ribbon cable problem, its been working fine up untill this point,(Apart from dirty head problems) it has not been dropped or had a lens hit from a board. The image in the viewfinder miraculously came back a few hours after it had gone black but the image is still blurry and grainy. My VX is Japanese so I do not know all the settings in the "menu".