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Found 17 results

  1. Danimals07

    Gh2 Setting Suggestions.

    I'm way new to the Dslr scene and I just bought a mint condition Gh2 with a 14-42mm lens. And eventually I'm either gonna buy a Lumix G fisheye or Peleng. That being said does anyone have any good settings to shoot skateboarding with?
  2. G'day, I bought a Japanese vx1000 about a year ago. Since then i've worked out the custom presets, made sure i've got it set to 4:3, and filmed a lot of footage, most of which when played back on my capture cam has fine colours and everything else seems in order. But, i'm struggling to get quality even close to other vx-filmed videos on Youtube or Vimeo. I'm using FCP7 at the moment (although I originally had FCPX). I'm also fairly confident my close-to-new sony capture cam is importing the video perfectly into FCP, although i've noticed the quality once imported is not quite as high as professional vx-filmed videos on youtube. I'm assuming that is because i'm not a professional... or are there import settings I should be changing? I've tried a lot of tutorials, read through forums, guides... and I still can't find a combination of export settings that will give me even okay quality on Youtube, and i've tried Vimeo as well. I haven't really tried the export, then compress method, mainly because I can't get good quality as is, so i'm assuming compressing it will surely make it worse? But I do have 'mpeg streamclip' installed. Anyway, I would really appreciate some help, i've been filming all my mates for the last 6 months and am embarrassed every time I attempt to upload footage. Thanks in advance!
  3. northskater15


    I just got a DVX100A and realized there's a ton of controls and ways to control the image. I had a vx2 before this so it wasn't too complex. Could anyone post tell me what settings mean what and what settings are good? Or if there's already a topic saying all this then direct me to that topic? Thanks guys
  4. I have a canon t3i, and i did a short film. I want to know whats the best way to export hd footage from final cut.
  5. While looking through my view finder on my VX2, I set my exposure and everything looks perfect, but when I go home and capture the footage it looks extremely dark and underexposed. Any ideas as to why this happens?
  6. mikeronzitti

    Vx2000 Resetting Everything?

    I don't know if this happens to anyone else but if I don't use my vx for a few days it completely resets its self. I get the whole clock set screen when it starts up and I loose my custom settings and everything else that I've turned on or off. I know its not a big deal but its starting to get frustrating. Is there anything I can do to stop this?
  7. Tylerserra

    Let Me Know What You Think

  8. Can anybody help me out with some good settings for mpeg streamclip to upload to youtube. If you have the settings that are for your editing program that would be even more awesome
  9. vx600d

    Better Sd Compression For Vimeo

    Come across this and I had a go of it and it turns out sick, thought it might be beneficial for some people on here that use vimeo Click Here To Go To It
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0sAjQjlygI&feature=plcp
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0sAjQjlygI&feature=plcp
  12. Tylerserra

    Let Me Know What You Thing

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Z0sAjQjlygI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  13. weekendguyjoe

    Dvx 100b Sound Settings

    Hi everyon, I just bought an old dvx100b from a friend for 150$. I am a skater, but at that price I figured why not get a dvx to screw around with. I just bought a opteka 72 mm fisheye to go with it (not my favorite set up but for the price I'm loving it) So my question is about sound. I have been lurking hard on a lot of dvx100b vids on youtube and noticed that alot of their sound is SHIT. Is this because of the internal mic? do they have their channels set too high? or did these filmers just royally fuck up some other way? Or is there a way to muffle the sound a little with foam or tape? I want it to sound more like the sony vx. Any suggestions on how to make the sound quality better? Or anyother suggestions in general as a new DVX owner?
  14. Callumalmost

    Hd Starter Camera For Really Cheap?

    Hi, I'm quite new here so sorry if i make mistakes, so I want to start filming but I'm 17 and dont have a job so havent really got that much money, and this also makes saving quite hard, anyways I'm looking for a really cheap HD camera to get me started, would be good if it has functions that you can set manually like shutter speed and exposure etc. Also I really dont want anything that uses tapes, as I really cant afford any tape head problems, reliability is also definetly a big factor, so I have the equivalent of about $500, I live in the Uk by the way. I have already searched the forums and found the pannasonic sd9 being recommended, what do you guys think should I go with this do you have any better suggestions, Thanks in advance
  15. ReadyAimSkate

    Camera Settings Advice!

    I know it's not the most recommended camera for filming ,but I have a Canon T3 and I was wondering if anyone had any recommended settings to use as far as 1280x720 25fps or 1280x720 30fps also what contrast, sharpness, saturation, and color tone. To really get the most out of my camera. Thanks for reading!
  16. What are the best export settings for HD footy at 60fps?