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Found 11 results

  1. jtmcgee16

    Panasonic Gh1 *hacked*

    i have a mint condition panasonic Gh1 hacked video firmware that comes with a pancake f1.7 ludic lens and 2 batteries but no charger, I'm looking for 500$ or a trade for a perfect sony vx1000. text me for pics 331-212-2025 or dm me on here
  2. Moorey

    Setup Thoughts/advice?

    I have a Canon 600D/Rebel T3i with the 18-55mm kit lens, Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 fisheye lens and the Opteka X-Grip. I was just wondering what you guys think of the setup and maybe tell me if there's other important things I might need for filming and photographing? Thanks
  3. alvarojoelgarcia

    Gh2 Setup For Trade/sale

    This setup has been ol reliable for me. I've been known to only keep a setup for a couple of months then try something else, but I don't know what it is about this setup. It might be the super high bitrate, the detail and maybe the color rendition. Overall it has been a great camera and I want to see what else is out there. The setup includes: Panasonic GH2 (custom hack I wrote up, shoots at about 200mbs, super clear footage) 1x original battery 2x China brand batteries 1x original battery charger 32 gb Sandisk extreme pro 95mb/s SD card 16 gb Sandisk extreme 45mb/s SD card Eazy Handle V2 with quick release added for GH2 ease of use LowePro bag (Holds whole setup perfect, don't even need to take apart eazy handle, also holds 17inch laptop and everything you will need for those skate missions/ weekends at your homie's house) Lenses: Bower 7.5mm f/ 3.5 (Super wide and great distortion! ) Canon FD SSC 50mm f/ 1.4 (Rare, awesome in low light and extremely sharp) Minolta 28mm f/ 2.8 (This is a reissue of an old minolta lens, focuses perfect with the gh2) Noktor Hyperprime 12mm T/ 1.6 (Equivalent to f/ 1.4, prototype lens, rare green filter) Canon tv zoom lens v6x17 17-102mm f/ 2.0 ( C-mount lens, awesome bokeh, needs crop due to it not covering the whole gh2 censor, use the Ex tel convert with this one or crop in post) Footage: I'm looking for either a straight trade or a trade with cash on top. Some HD camcorder or a vx1 MK1 setup with cash on top. Let me know what you have, money talks so feel free to throw me a cash offer. I don't check this so much so please text me: (954) 439-2250 Thank you, -Joel
  4. Cravenmorhed

    Wtb: Dslr Setup

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get a dslr setup (including but not limited to canon, panasonic, nikon), let me know if you have a deal for me, I'm located in Brooklyn, New York. Thanks!
  5. comes with everything, opteka fisheye, 3 batts, 2 chargers,manual, orig. box, and all the accessories in the box. only problem is that it needs to be sent in for a tape transport repair. without that it will not record. looking for a vx1000 but offer up! gl2 by DavidCronin, on Flickr
  6. ifilm4rush

    Wtt: Sony Trv 900 Setup

    so i have this trv 900 setup camera, big batt, charger, and two baby death lenses (one is scratched) the other comes in on monday. the camera is mint and everything works. some pictures: (hopefully they work) video with this is here: dm me if interested in trades!
  7. Got a Canon HV30 setup with a custom handle and a fisheye. I have had it almost a year I think, its in great condition, as gently used as possible, never really been hit with a board or anything. I have it up on Ebay right now, but I'm trying to get at least 400 out of it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/321047367498
  8. jesseskates

    Panasonic Ag-dvx100p Package 250$$

    So i have a dvx100p package for sale.Comes with 3 panasonic li-on batteries, wall charger,one premiuim panasonic tape, and opteka 72mm fisheye lens.It has two minor problems:It was dropped and the focus ring fell off along with the leica lens cover.I gorilla glued the focus ring back on but you still have to glue the leica lens to the focus ring to put the fisheye on.You do not need to repair this if you dont want to,you simply rely on the autofocus to film.The other problem is that when it was dropped something inside fell out of place and now when you put a tape in it reads auto off cylinder lock.I went to the repair shop and was told it would be about a 100 dollar fix.The fisheye is in pretty rough condition and has its shares of scratches on it,but if youre broke and want a death lens heres youre chance.I want 250 for the whole package which is pretty fair to me since the fisheye alone new is about 200 so just hit me up and shoot me some offers,Peace Reason for selling: need to save up money for a mk1 for my vx ,so i dont have any use for this anymore
  9. Jcostello21

    First Filming Setup

    Hey guys . I have been looking around for a camera for a while and have not had any luck. I have looked at sony, panasonic and canon and have nothing so far. I have a X-grip already so all I need is a fisheye and camera. I am looking for the camera to be under $550 and the fisheye to be under $50. I understand this wont be the "greatest" setup but I need to start somewhere right? Thank you so much for the help!
  10. taintedfilm

    Wtt:canon T2i Or T3i For Dvx

    looking to trade my dvx and accessories for a canon rebel series preferably a t1i,t2i,or t3i with kit lens and fisheye
  11. Andrew Lupo

    Canon T2I Setup

    For Sale Canon EOS Rebel T2i Body Canon f/1.8 50mm Prime Lens (2) Canon LP-E8 Batteries + Charger Zoom H1 External Microphone Zoom H1 Accessory Pack Cam Caddie Handle 16 GB Class 6 Kingston SD Card Micro SD Card for Zoom H1 (with adapter) Bescor TH-770 Fluid Head Tripod Quantaray Pro Backpack Whole setup comes to about $1200 offer on whole package or individual items NO TRADES! ANYONE WHO IS SERIOUSLY INTERESTED SHOULD CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL!!! ANDREWLUPO60@GMAIL.COM