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Found 11 results

  1. tristanTweaver

    People Of Sf

    recently went on a trip to SF. Here are some of the people I saw along the way. Let me know what you think...
  2. Yashica TL electro X // Yashinon 50mm 1.4 // Porta 160 let the hate begin
  3. Jay-Cub

    Nosepick & Ollie To Hillbomb

    Two of my favorites from a recent trip up north. Looking for some crit so feel free to speak your mind, Ollie Nosepick
  4. zackpoops

    Sf I Guess

    " what happens when you decide to go to San Francisco for a day filmed/edited by @filmerbored … long lens by @brewshits in order of appearance: John Lindsey, Christian Griego, Katsuya Shiratori, Spencer Semien, Marc Ohata, Chris Kraft, Thomas Morris, Zack Lopez, Jade Godinez " went to sf a few weeks ago. finally got around to putting this together feedback / likes / subs / followers / haters are always appreciated !
  5. Featuring: Kurt Hodge, Peanut Head, Jet Caputo, Garret Lekas, Brooks Bushman, Nick Pope, Jon Gaitan, Max Fisher, Mark Schwaner, Brent Zimmerman, Bryce Ortega, Aaron Ross, Eric White, Julian, Dane Manary P-SKA, and Rocky. Filme/Edit: Mike Bricke w/ help from friends Footage Party pt. II coming soon Footage Party Griptape and Boards availalbe at http://www.etsy.com/shop/krutbutt
  6. jordanpalmerwiens

    Throw Log #004 "sf"

    spent a week in sf with the antique skate shop team shooting photos and video and this is what i came up with. lemme know what you think of it! photos here: http://wardenjeans.tumblr.com/post/sanfrancisco
  7. DVX100b / MK2
  8. Lovattadelaide

    Sf Skateboards

    Coming over to sf in march don't really know anyone and look to skate with local street rats I'm 20. Can any one help spots/flimers/homies/good vibes come from aus. Please add me on insta @andrewlovatt thanks