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Found 434 results

  1. Sup guys, here's my full length featuring my friends who skate at the University of Maryland.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXtVZvYC6DM&t=271s
  3. friendlyfilmer

    Glass V.1 - Montage

    Feels great to be posting here again. Its pretty crazy to see the people I looked up to on here are still active and ready to bring these forums back to life. A lot of you have shaped the way I film & edit skateboarding videos to this day. With that being said, I'm excited to share this new video series I am releasing through Transworld Skate for 2018. Filmed entirely in Toronto, Canada. More volumes to be released throughout the year. Enjoy
  4. If you guys like clips from the good ol days.. instagram - @thedailycapture_
  5. eightyeight

    Slappy 50

    Rylan Shaver - slappy
  6. Hey what's up guys? Haven't posted in a while but here a lil montage I made. Our city built two banks on an existing spot, its pretty whack but we try to make the best of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77BEmjqiBeE
  7. tomicardenas

    Which Camera Should I Go For?

    Hey guys, so im actually selling my t3i setup, and im aiming for a full frame with the canon 8-15mm fish, and the 24-105 lens, i was thinking of getting the 6d, orrrr the 5d mk2, which one do you think i should get? and why? thanks

    "within & Without"

    New visual "Within & Without" I hope you enjoy. Feel free to check out more - http://www.yxnivrs.com/
  9. Hope you enjoy [http://www.yxnivrs.com/] Love & light.
  10. Here's a new visual "Within & Without" with a mix of skateboarding & freerunning shot in Seattle & Chicago. I hope you enjoy... [http://www.yxnivrs.com/]
  11. I haven't posted on here in quite some time, but last winter me and my friends came out with a full length skate video. If you'd like a copy of it DM me and I'll mail you one. It took us around 3 or 4 years to film for it, but it's out now and we've already started filming for the next project. This is an edit I put together with footage from the video. Hope you guys like it. - Mikey
  12. Recent edit I put up, Let me know what you think! Thanks, Conner Warhurst
  13. I hope you enjoy!... [www.yxnivrs.com]
  14. posercrew

    Canon 6d

    Does anyone even film with these? I wanna see some edits! Everything 6D thread! Just wanna learn more about these cameras and where they stand in filming skateboarding so links, opinions, facts, insights, pros, cons anyone? Chea.
  15. You can dm on instagram! @nomoreflips
  16. The last sessions at the original Long Branch skatepark setup (2005-2015) before it's reconstruction from June - Sept 2015. Featuring: Chris Anderson, Wes Masco, Blake Mahon, Jon Edwards, Matt Kennelly, Liam McCabe & Robby Rosano. Filmed & edited by Jon Edwards Additional filming by Dylan Holderness Music: Intro: 豊平区民TOYOHIRAKUMIN "夕暮れsunset" | Main: Capo Blanco "Hawaii" http://facebook.com/jonneyetv | http://jonneye.tumblr.com | http://instagram.com/jonneye
  17. DVD's Available for $5 at http://www.illconceived.bigcartel.com/ From Ill Conceived, a video by Paul Jensen featuring Matt Boeltl, Fabian Gonzalez, Paul Jensen, Nick Jumping Eagle, Jake Hintzman, Graham Wessberg, and more.