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Found 115 results

  1. DanielJimenezFilms

    First HD Montage

    No vig with a hint of shaky hands! First video with my mirrorless set up. I enjoy it so far but I have a lot to get used to. Let me know what you all think!!
  2. Hey folks, I've been to Barcelona last week with a "new" used VX 1K. When I was looking at playbacks via Edit Search the footage looked totally glitchy. After checking the trick, I wasn't able to record. This little arrow icon appeared along with a beeping noise. After this I wasn't even able to do an Edit Search again. Then I popped a new tape in there, filmed a little, checked the footage. But the same problem occured over and over again. So in the end I stopped checking any footage at all. In hope to not damage the tape or cause any more glitches. Yesterday I came back home and tried to capture the footage. It looked horribly glitchy and rendered unusable. I even tried to capture with my VX. But it wouldn't let me do any operations with the tape deck since the arrow icon issue. Any idea how to save those tapes and the footage?
  3. Looking to sell my FX7 because I don't use it much at all. I have a listing on ebay for 450 but I'd let it go for 400 obo on sp. Comes with 2 batteries, original lens hood, charger, case, firewire cable plus an extra fisheye that I was given with it. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Sony-Handycam-HDR-FX7-3CMOS-HDV-MiniDV-Camcorder-1080i-Used/122919888449?epid=101838785&hash=item1c9e98a641:g:6kwAAOSw05taX7Yw
  4. Wondering if anyone has any experience shooting skating with the Sony Nex-vg30? Looking to step up from a Dslr into the prosumer camcorder area and the Dslr-like features (sensor, interchangeable lenses etc) on this plus the long lens zoom is interesting... I know my way round a 6D and figure i could get more out of it than the other camcorders in that price range. Plus its a lighter kit to carry around. Or if anyone has any up to date experiences with HD cams in 2016 that would be appreciated, I went through a fair few forums and most still talk about the Ac90/hvx/hmc40 etc.. does anyone have any comparable experience with newer lines like the canon legria etc? Do they get anywhere close to matching those 3?
  5. Hi guys, I've recently bought a vx1000 for parts off a friend to fix another VX1000 (and yes I made sure the parts I needed were working before I bought it). The original vx (which we'll call vx1) had problems with the tape deck jamming open, everything else was working other than the tape deck. I looked this up and it turned out that the power supply board was broken and wasn't sending power to the tape deck so it stayed open. I took vx1 apart a few times and put it back together again and one the last time (probably the 3rd time I did so) when I put the battery in it wasn't working. Then I bought VX2 today took it apart and used the power supply board from that and put it in VX1 and it's still not turning on. I can't afford repairs and was really relying on fixing this camera, so if anyone knows what to do please let me know. And yes it's on standby and it's not the battery
  6. Sony vx1000 needed for parts Sony vx1000 wanted for parts, currently got a broken supply board so need to replace it instead of paying a ridiculous amount of money for a repair. Hit me up asap, no time wasters. Cheers.
  7. Fruitboot


    Been shooting an architecture photo a day since January.
  8. clearfilms

    Wtb: Mk1 For Vx1000

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a MK1 (new or used) with bayonet mount. Please hit me up if your selling.
  9. mikeronzitti

    Sony Fx7 Advice

    I may have a trade for an Fx7 but I wanted to see what anyone on had to say about experiences owning an Fx7 before I definitely went through with it. Any specific pros or cons to know about? How they hold up filming in colder temperatures? Battery Life?
  10. Hi guys, I've recently purchased a VX1000, and a tape got caught in the mechanism. I've managed to cut the ribbon and free the tape, however the tape deck is jammed and won't close. I've recently lost a job and can't afford a repair and was hoping one of you guys would have a soloution to fix it. If anyone has any info on how to fix it or where to buy another tape deck from, that would be dope.
  11. benhenault

    Vx1000 Fisheye Questions

    So I recently acquired a Vx100 off of eBay. I already own a DVX100B with a MK2. Would i be better off modding the MK2 to fit the VX1000, or buying an Opteka and going that route, until i can put the money aside for a MK1?
  12. Was watching the adidas Mark Suciu - Civil Liberty part and was curious to know what it was filmed on. In the credits it says Filmed and Edited by Chris Mulhern. My guess is a higher end DSLR like a Sony a7s or something along the lines of a Sony FS700. Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nezFmOS1Cak
  13. DecaturSkater

    60d For Vx1

    Yo, I'm trying to get another vx1 setup and i have no real money. I have a pretty cool 60d setup, mostly for taking photos, but if anyone is interested i would be super stoked if we could work something out. The setup is as follows Canon 60d body (mint) with box and all of that good stuff 1 Canon battery and charger Rokinon 8mm 3.5 fisheye 2 yongnuo flashes 1 Quantum t2 flash ( I think the battery is faulty, get it fixed for $30 on ebay) Some Yongnuo transmitter and receivers (always work well) Yes i know there is no long lens. I sold mine to my brother and use that. Hit me up 4048575457 we can work something out
  14. ManipulatedMinds

    I Want Your Vx1000

    My camera is acting a fool. Does anyone have a vx1000 they are selling?
  15. Had this camera for about 5 years. Always took care of her. Like I do with all of my camera equipment. Recently took a dive in the DSLR word and picked up a 70D. If Anyones interested shoot me a PM or just post here. Looking for cash but open for trades. The Lens AND Camera are completely MINT. Never ever dropped OR had a camera/lens hit. Always used Premiums. And Always kept in the case. All repairs & Tune ups were done by the one and only Kerry at VE. Sony HDR FX1 Century Optics MK2 BeachTek DXA-FX (XLR Adapter) Lens Hood Big and small Eye Cup Huge NP-970 Battery Original NPF-570 Battery Original Remote control Plug in wall charger (+ Cigarette adapter for charging in the car) Plug in camera wire charger Shoe mount adapter Hard Shell Case S-Video Cable Component Cable Firewire 800 Firewire 400 Might include my rode video mic. I'm probable missing something.
  16. Stumoma1

    Selling New Mk1s In Box.

    For more details check out my selling page on Instagram @VX1000market.
  17. Fruitboot

    Rectangles Are Weird

    Been pretty busy travelling around for the past few months. Trying to get the hang of the rectangular format again (I centred the horizon on 3 of the damn shots). Shot on a Sony A7 and Canon 28mm 2.8 FD lens. First and last shot used a circular polariser. Two sleeping humpbacks off the coast of Massachusetts. Somewhere in Central Oregon. High desert in North Central California.
  18. Location: Sacramento, Ca area. In great condition. Does awesome in low light. Comes with battery (lasts 6+ hours) and charger. Would prefer local buyer so no shipping/risk of damage is involved. But can ship. Direct message for quicker reply. $625 shipped (death lens sold already)
  19. mikeyduran

    Wtb: Sony Vx1000 Mk1

    Hey guys, Trying to buy a VX1000 MK1 set up for my New York trip. Don't care the condition (unless broken) but I am looking to buy ASAP! Thank you! -Mikey email me please ohmyskateboards@gmail.com
  20. dgskateproductions

    Vx2000 W/amit Bayo Lens

    Hey guys, today I am selling my Sony Vx2000 setup. I've had it for a little bit now but I need to upgrade for school which is coming up. I have babied this camera and my friend that I got it from has also babied it too. I have never had a single problem with this camera and can almost guarantee you wont either. It doesnt have a normal vx2000 eyecup but it does have a large vx1000 eyecup that does the job.. the camera itself is clean, body has minimal scuffs and wear and the lens is in prestine condition with no marks or anything. The mic does not have any sag it looks clean. Never hit or dropped. It comes with 3 batteries. 1 Sony and 2 ebay batteries with a ebay charger. I will post pictures when i get around to it because I am pretty busy but I figured id post it without pictures right now. Id like to sell it as a group but for the right price I may be willing to split. Selling the vx2000 for $400 OBO. You can contact me on here or by phone at 6three0-four08-four58four
  21. aaronmcnevich

    Wtb: Capture Cam

    Anybody out there looking at trying to sell or possibly trade their capture cam? Mine recently went to crap. Preferably Sony, but other brands will suffice.
  22. Need a vx urgently to finish of a London edit. Thanks
  23. Fairbanks Films

    Alaska Skate Edit

    little edit from the skaters up north. if you enjoyed it please like, comment, and sub! Also anything you guys wanna critique or whatever lemme know here too, thanks!