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Found 5 results

  1. Haven't posted here in a while.... I Went to Europe this summer for a month. I bought a Fuji GS645 before I went. It worked fine before I left, shot a roll through and everything was great, but somehow on the way there, the bellows got a ton of light leaks and the lens wouldn't always come out perfectly straight, leaving half the photo unfocused. I was pretty bummed when I got back and developed all these, but anyway here are a few that came out not too leaked. More on my Flickr as well.
  2. Heres a wee video I filmed and edited from a recent trip to Mardid. Any feedback / criticism much appreciatted! (I know using lens flares/light leaks = not cool! ) This is the first skate video I have made since getting my DSLR. Thanks
  3. mothafizzy

    Archives From Spain Trip

    Found a lost roll of film from my trip to Spain in Summer '11 . Don't think I have ever shared a non-skate photo on this site, and since scanning these felt like I might. Just to put an insight into these photos, it started as my buddies AJ and Geoff and David playing games of Asshole (the card game). As the night evolved, and the bottled of Fire Water whiskey and Jager dissapeared, we started giving the game a new twist. It started with simply betting forearm slaps and loser got everyone's, to loser eating raw ginger or dog food bites. Then we began making a list of 'tasks' per say that the loser of each round chose from to carry out the entire next day, ranging from wearing short shorts all day to getting a mike tyson sharpie-tattoo.. Thus resulted in some public exploitations that made not understanding anyone around you a little more comforting. It ended to what became known to us as the hangover 'Asshole Day' . Group Photo of Asshole Day v http://farm7.staticf...66d50370d_z.jpg Self Portrait of Asshole Day v http://farm7.staticf...a3b5a56e8_z.jpg
  4. Beach_Bum

    Spain/morocco V.1.0

    Here's round one of photos from my Spain/Morocco trip. I'm so over scanning 35mm right now haha I needed to take and break and post these up. Much more to come in the next couple weeks. Comments welcome as always. Click for larger Bonus 1 Bonus 2