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Found 16 results

  1. here's the only full length I've ever put together. i think this was put together early 2015-late 2014? canon gl2 + opteka death lens. nizo 481 macro + nizo s560 for super 8 footage used.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RBspdmqgIg
  3. shillson

    Fisheye For Canon 514 Xls

    Anyone know any fisheyes i could get for a super 8 canon 514 xls? Thank You.
  4. jesseskates

    What Are Some Good Super 8 Cameras?

    Which super 8 cameras would you guys recommend? Model? Brand? Im looking up super 8 cams and i cant really tell one from another
  5. dylanflaherty

    Help With Super 8

    hello all. i have a yashica super 40k super 8 camera that i got last month. and today my kodak 200t film came in the mail. so i was just wondering if you guys could give me any information about this camera because i cant really find much about it. i also would appreciate tips on how to produce the best looking footage with super 8. thanks in advance
  6. ManipulatedMinds

    Where To Develop Super 8 Footage

    I'm sure there has been a thread for this already, but whatever. Does anyone know where I can send my footage to? I'm looking for a place that isn't too unreasonable.
  7. macfilmproductions

    Merica Promo #3

  8. dylanflaherty

    8mm In Super 8 Camera

    can you do it
  9. HuntNugget

    Wtb Super 8 Camera + Film

    hey im looking to buy a super 8 camera mine recently broke and some film to go along with it. thanks!
  10. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/587787-USA/Kodak_8955346_Vision_3_500T_Super.html A long time ago I bought a minolta xl-401 from someone in the classifieds because I had extra money. Long story short, I bought the film in the link I posted and now Ive used all of it. Im a newb to Super 8 in general and have heard dwaynes is a good place but I honestly have no clue. Any help is appreciated.
  11. derfunkl

    Super 8 Questions

    I have been shooting some super 8 recently and wanted to use it in my skate edits.I know most places transfer it onto a dvd for a fairly cheap price. If i get it transferred to dvd will i only be able to watch it? or can i get the file into Final Cut and use it in my edits? Because i know getting it transfer to a dv tape is pretty costly, i would like to do it through dvd. will it work? Please help, THANKS