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Found 79 results

  1. JarredMcElligott

    Selling My Canon 600d (kissx5) For $286us

    Hey dudes, I know I'm suppose to post this in the Buying/Selling thread but It doesn't allow me and I wanted to let the SkatePerception users know that I'm Selling my Canon 600d/t3i/Kiss X5 for $286US. It's in great condition and is fully functioning. If you're interested, check it out. Need it gone asap! Cheers Link to page: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/161979585840?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. tomicardenas

    Buffer Light Blinkin?

    Hi guys, i recently posted about the movie has stopped recording message that appeared on my camera, i had the ultra 30mbps card, i just bought the extreme pro sandisk from bh photo, 95mbps, when i hit record the buffer light blinks every second, it doesnt stop, and the ''buffer bar level'' doesnt show up, i just want to know if when i get out and film it will start stopping again, like, is it normal that buffer light blinks while recording? it exactly blinks every second... Thanks ps: i got at t3i/600d
  3. tomicardenas

    Miguel Valle Color Correction?

    Hi, i know ive posted something similar to this, but its killing me, i just cant get my color grading to look even similar to what i like, does anyone have any recommendation on which settings i should adjust to kinda achieve this look right here? Ill post this video as an example, but any Miguel Valle video will look similar... I just know that he uses Filmconvert, which i have installed... Any tip? Thanks
  4. tomicardenas

    Film Convert Settings

    Hi, i have film convert installed and i really like it, does anyone have some tips or settings which i should use? i know its all personal preference, but i just wanted to know from someone who really handles the plugin... i really like the style of miguel valle (mark suciu/habitat) filmer... i like his colors and settings but ive never got close to his looks haha
  5. tomicardenas

    ''movie Has Stopped Recording'' Message

    Hi guys, i know this is something that has been talked about, but my problem is that since i installed magic lantern, the message is popping up A LOT, i know its the buffer thing, but i dont know if its because from magic lantern, or something else, before installing it happened, like once or twice in every start up, and then it didnt pop up, i have a t3i, with a sandisk 45mbps class 10 sd card, i always format the sd card before using it, that helped a lot before installing ML, but what can i do now? its driving me nuts, i cant film like this, its frustrating when someone lands a trick and the message popped up midline without noticing haha, any tip? thanks!
  6. tomicardenas

    Question About Takstar 598 Microphone

    Hi, i just bought Takstar SGC-598 mic, which i saw many reviews of it, and it seems to be a decent mic for the price, it only costs, about 30 bucks, my concern is that i didnt film with the mike yet, but i wanna know if someone has it, and which settings do you use, the microphone itself has the low pass filter option and the +10db, do i need to turn on the +10db option??? or will it sound too loud filming skateboarding? Thanks
  7. ZachBellman


    It feels like I haven't filmed skateboarding in a long time. Well because I haven't. So here is a little park edit that I made with the homies to help me get back on my feet with filming a little! Since it's been a while my filming is a little sloppy but any suggestions, comments, or anything is advised criticism is the best way to improve. (P.s. It's Broomfield spelled backwards)
  8. Attempting at getting use to my newer set up, gave it a practice run at the skatepark, made this edit. watch in 720p!
  9. Kaleb Jordan

    Fs: Gripped T3i

    Looking to sell my t3i with kit lens, 3 batteries and battery grip. Everything is in perfect working condition. Asking $350+ shipping. Can send pics & what-not upon request. PM me for further inquiries. Thanks.
  10. Another setup for sale. - Canon T3i with all the factory accessories and stock 18mm-55mm lens, 2 batteries. Not a scratch on anything. -$450 - Easy Handle V2. Extra bars for larger DSLR's and all other accessories it came with. - $250 (SOLD) - Rokinon 8mm. -$165 - Canon Bag/backpack -$30 I'll do $850 OBO for the lot. Sorry for the shitty photo, Additional photos upon request. Email chilko@ualberta.ca or text 780-994-1231. Thanks.
  11. Hey dudes, So i currently have: LENSES: 18-55MM Stock Lens Rokinon 8mm Fisheye ACCESSORIES: Cam Caddie Scorpion Handle Tripod I am filming more then shooting photos and i want to up the quality of my videos. What are some good lenses i could purchase for my canon 600d and what are some cool accessories? Thanks dude! Jarred
  12. Curtis. Still with the weak fisheye Criticism welcome.
  13. Geremy846

    T5 Vs. T3i (contrast Detection Af)

    Hey guys, first post here. Just got a Canon T5 for my birthday, which does not have the flip-out screen which I really want for filming with a stabilizer. I've heard that the T3i is basically the same camera as the T5, and is actually somewhat better. So I'm considering exchanging the T5 and buying a T3i. The only thing stopping me is this new "Contrast detection autofocus" that is supposedly really good for video. I'm not completely sure what it does or how useful it will be for filming skating and other fast-moving things. If anyone could offer some advice on what this new AF is and what camera would be better, that would be awesome. Thank you!
  14. nick5817

    Gap Long Lens Or Fisheye Dslr

    my friend wants to ollie a huge gap and i dont know whether to shoot long lens or fisheye because i only have the 18-55 standard lens that comes with the camera and the look of it looks iffy to me and i need some advice so throw it at me please
  15. Zachcruz

    T3i To D5200

    i currently have a t3i that i use for filming and pictures. im thinking of switching to a d5200 because it shoots at 24mp and 1080p at 60 fps while the t3i is only 1280p at 60fps and 18mp. should i switch or is there a downside to the d5200
  16. Hey guys, if you have a minute, check out this music video that I made for an m83 song. Let me know what you think. I appreciate it.
  17. Damahni

    Reid X Hammy

    subs r great guys. help me out
  18. Hi, I usually film skating, but I decided to try something out and make a music video. Please let me know what you guys think. I appreciate it. Thanks and check out my channel for skate edits and stuff.
  19. Damahni

    Diy 4

    I want to hear feedback
  20. Kaleb Jordan

    Peleng Test.

    Just made the switch back to HD so I kinda pretty much blew every clip.. But I feel like my footy is softer than everyone else's, do most of you guys just leave the focus on infinity? It was getting dark, i didn't have my LED, and the skatepark lights were off for some reason.. I also just made the switch from pc to Mac so im still getting use to rendering on Premiere Pro.
  21. Looking for anything under $250
  22. i feel like there needs to be a thread for people to post HD montages only. where people who like to watch HD videos can go. sorry if there is already a thread for this, but i didnt see one. so place your HD edits here!!