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Found 1 result

  1. I've recently been using a VX2100 to capture footage from the VX1000 (TRV19 having other issues). Capturing had been normal until glitches became more frequent. I've been using a fairly new VX1000 so I thought it could have been glitches during recording, but other people began having issues capturing footage with my equipment, and likewise footage off my camera was normal most of the time. Tonight I put a tape in, glitched, put another tape in and captured normally, then tried the first tape and encountered the same glitches at the same timecode. I jogged around before and after the mark and had no issues. Paused the tape on the glitch and inspected the magnetic strip to find scratches and crinkles. It appears as though the VX2100 is damaging tapes during playback. Has anyone else experienced this issue?