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Found 12 results

  1. dylaninthehat

    Wtb: 3 Empty Mini Dv Tape Cases

    Over my years of filming and moving several times I seem to have lost a few of my tape cases. I have ocd to the max so this is really a problem for me. If you have 3 empty original mini dv tape cases you are willing to sell please let me know.
  2. i have an old capture camera with messed up heads. i was thinking if i like screw up some old tapes that i dont care about to create cool effects. has anyone done this? i know it sounds kinda dumb
  3. Hey all, about a month ago I got my first lens hit. Since then all the tapes I have used glitch out. What raises my concern is that my tape heads seem to be clean and it is not my cap cam. Has anyone else experienced this and knows what to do? Hopefully these pics help, if not I'll try to take better ones. http://s1349.photobucket.com/user/Jacobobigmuff/media/IMG_0086_zps2fecf698.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s1349.photobucket.com/user/Jacobobigmuff/media/IMG_0088_zps1c229610.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  4. macfilmproductions

    Vx1000 Tape Deck Issue

    Basically a while back I had problems with my camera turning off in the heat and doing weird stuff. Took the entire thing apart thinking there was a loose screw or a cracked board and found nothing. once colder weather came the problem seemed to stop. I am currently in florida with my friends and once I took out my camera more problems came. The tape deck wont go down when theres a tape in it. The drum just spins for a while and then the camera starts beeping to eject the tape. If i do eject it the tape deck goes down without a problem. Tried taking out the battery and letting it sit but that did nothing. Emailed kerry a few days ago when it happened but he hasn't gotten back to me.
  5. indyskatefilms

    Capture Cam Problem

    Whenever put the tape into my capture cam, a red icon comes up and tells me to eject the cassette. why is this and is there a way to fix it? i think i have a canon zr60. ps. the camera had been very cold recently, so maybe thats why since some camereas dont opterate when cold, but i think its something else because it wasnt that cold
  6. waterlooyute

    Looking For Advice

    hi, so it has come to my attention about the consequences of mixing tape brands. it's weird how the manufacturers don't disclose that information, but anyway... the person who used my vx1000 before me, and he used it alot, used sony premiums. my first tape i used since buying the camera was a fujifilm. i now want to switch back to sony premiums, because the i want to use the same tapes as the previous owner. so my question is it's a smart move to go back to sony premiums, right? and since head cleaners are only for absolute necessary situations, theres no need to use one just for one tape? thanks
  7. I have a vx1000, fully functional and in good condition. It seems that the mic picks up a very low humming from the tape deck, usually on long lens shots (specifically when zoomed in), although it sometimes gets picked up when filming fisheye as well. Usually I forget to set the audio level manually, although it may help a little bit I don't think it'll completely solve my problem. Is this normal, or could there be something wrong with my tape deck or mic? Also, the actual audio from the clip (the skater) records perfect, with that irritating humming in the background in varying degrees. Tape deck has never had any issues either. help!
  8. Some clips I put together for the the homie Carlos Hernandez. Carlos kills it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHVO619RGcI&feature=plcp
  9. Some clips I put together for the the homie Carlos Hernandez. Carlos kills it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHVO619RGcI&feature=plcp
  10. ManipulatedMinds

    Vx1000 Tape Problem

    So my camera keeps telling me to eject my tape and im probably going to send it to VE but it works when i put fresh tapes in and turn the camera off with the battery in. Is it really bad to keep the tape in the vx1000 for like 3 days?
  11. christiancustodio

    Vx1000 Tape Deck

    is it bad to eject alot? and should i use a head cleaner even though nothings wrong with my vx?
  12. Bought a vx1000/opteka death setup a few weeks ago, records perfectly but for some reason it doesn't playback, which doesn't matter since I wouldn't use it for playback anyway. Problem is, I bought a sony head cleaning tape cause I've been using it pretty frequently lately, and don't want to have it start glitching/confusing time code/etc, but I can't run the head cleaning tape because playback doesn't work! Anyone know if I can do anything about it, other than sending it to VE to repair the playback function that I don't have any intention of using anyway?