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Found 8 results

  1. Hey folks, I've been to Barcelona last week with a "new" used VX 1K. When I was looking at playbacks via Edit Search the footage looked totally glitchy. After checking the trick, I wasn't able to record. This little arrow icon appeared along with a beeping noise. After this I wasn't even able to do an Edit Search again. Then I popped a new tape in there, filmed a little, checked the footage. But the same problem occured over and over again. So in the end I stopped checking any footage at all. In hope to not damage the tape or cause any more glitches. Yesterday I came back home and tried to capture the footage. It looked horribly glitchy and rendered unusable. I even tried to capture with my VX. But it wouldn't let me do any operations with the tape deck since the arrow icon issue. Any idea how to save those tapes and the footage?
  2. snowborter9

    Vx Or Hvx

    I'm looking to buy a camcorder for snowboarding and can't decide whether to buy vx or hvx. id like to here your opinions. p2 or tapes?
  3. Hi, i am selling everything from the photos below. The charger is from my old VX setups and forgot to send, I have a 37mm-52mm stepup ring, and 30mm-37mm, the Empyre shirt is size Medium and doesn't fit me, and i just don't want the Taylor swift or die shirt, The snapback is BRAND NEW, i have never even worn it, i bought it off CCS and i don't like Snapbacks so i'll sell that, the tapes are just random ones i found around my house, and i don't even have an iPod charger so idek if the iPod works so i'm just selling it as is. Offer on anything just PM or post. Thanks.
  4. Ok so like a month ago I was Filming at this spot. I had Just put the tape in and set my settings and started to film. My friend landed the trick and we tried to watch it but it was glitchy AS FUCK. by the way I got my heads cleaned 2 months before that. I tried to take out the tape and it made a shitty ass sound and wouldnt eject so i put it away and filmed with my brothers camera. When i got home I kept trying to get out the tape, wouldnt eject. Like a week later I opened it and it came out. I havent used my VX since cause im out of tapes. I dont want to buy more if its not gunna work. Has anyone else have this problem and will my heads be fucked up??
  5. My grandma's visiting and has been staying in my room, so I've been sleeping in the basement for the past few days. I looked across the room earlier tonight and remembered how I used to make storage racks for my tapes out of the spare Legos from my childhood. Tonight I improved upon my original design from a few years back. Not sure if anyone's done this yet, but everyone I've showed has been hyped on it so I figured I'd post it. The basic design allows 6 tapes to be stored in each compartment. Here, I made a double model with two compartments. I also used some hinge pieces to allow the entire unit to fold up. It even has a little locking mechanism sort of thing. I can upload some step-by-step photos if anyone needs them. Just ask
  6. mattandersen

    Did Sony Discontinue Mini Dv Tapes?

    Did Sony really discontinue sony premiums? Anbody know?
  7. christiancustodio

    Vx1000 Tapes

    Is it bad to record over a footage in tapes in vx1000? Would this damage my vx1000?
  8. bobbybils

    Tapes And Cameras Dilemma..

    ok i just recently bought a VX2100 and a sony cap cam. the dude that sold me the vx ran panasonic tapes through it, while the cap cam used sony tapes its whole life. should i run a head cleaner through the cap cam and use panasonic tapes or what. thanks brothas