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Found 17 results

  1. WestonKruse

    Big Bend To Marfa

    Here are a couple of shots from a recent trip to Big Bend and Marfa, TX. View more at - www.westonkruse.com/bigbendtomarfa If anyone feels obligated to purchase any you can find them here - shop.westonkruse.com/bigbendtomarfa Chisos Basin Campground, Big Bend, TX by Weston Kruse Window View, Big Bend, TX by Weston Kruse Water Tower, Marfa, TX by Weston Kruse Comment away or dont. Do You.
  2. chunkyy56

    Front D

    Henry Blanton- Front D San Marcos, TX charliekitchenphotography.com/skateboarding
  3. Flatts flounder

    Texas Rippers

    dallas has fucking talent man y'all don't even know but watch this video...no trends...no effects..just raw skating at its finest by Chris Athans, James Levinski, David Duvall, Clayvon Johnson, and ROWDY FUCKING ALTUM...all these dudes destroy. Feel free to to give me any feedback on my videos *PS: I'm the nigga at 1:18
  4. Flatts flounder

    Roman Fuckin Holmes

    i don't have to say anything just watch
  5. chunkyy56

    Fisheye Experimentation

    Tryin' out some long distance fisheye. Stephen Scholz Larger: https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2940/14679669982_a4ca114ac1_c.jpg And an awkwardly timed and composed switch flip. Larger: https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5573/14656975476_2e185e48b8_c.jpg
  6. Alright, where to begin? Half in the Bag is a video that we have been filming for over 4 years. The video chronicles the college skateboarding experiences of our group of friends who live in San Marcos and attend(ed) Texas State. Accordingly, we call ourselves Pi Omega Tau (P.O.T.), "The Finest of Fraternities for Men Who Skate", haha. By no means is this frat a real entity, though it is to a close group of homies. The video is comprised of an hours worth of skate and party footage, as well as 50 minutes of bonus features. I'm not expecting anyone to care, really, but might as well test the waters and see if anyone reacts, since I put so much work into this project. Anyway, I am pleased to introduce to you: Half in the Bag. Here's Henry Blanton's part from the video: You can check out my website for more info: http://charliekitchenphotography.com/half-in-the-bag-video/
  7. Sooooo Making a big move at the end of the year. From North Carolina to Austin Texas. Drop some knowledge. What is Texas like? Who is in Texas? Tell me your Texas juice.
  8. Index familia shredding the new vandergriff park comment subscribe critique thanks for the watch!
  9. Texas rippers shredding this park, comment, subscribe, critique thanks for the watch!!
  10. Josiahfoto

    Billy Mitchell Bstailslide

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/76010579@N02/9617027158/ Check it it was raining on august 26 2013 so we looked for a covered spot and heres what we got and a few mannys as well
  11. A few clips we filmed the other day in like 30 minutes before going street filming. C&C is appreciated!
  12. whyareyoubotheringme

    On The Run

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlB7ETTP_DI&list=UUPbOvV6AKQ2XmdmbkEoYG3A&index=1 Super pumped on this video. It sat on my harddrive for a month until I found song I liked. Feedback would be helpful. Vx2100/Raymod
  13. The title is self explanatory and since the video isn't exactly focused on anything its the only appropriate title my weak creation can come up with. I'd like some feed back, i know my filming is shady at times, I've improved but tell me if you guys like. Thanks
  14. JaredOrtiz

    Rasputin Lives

    Nothing skateboarding, but a quick clip of some shots I got this summer. The ones I personally liked the best. Let me know what you think of it.
  15. Las Rosas De Dallas Featuring: Kaleb Privett, Dyemond Daniels, Grant Nicar, Sam Hawkins, Derek Stanko, Bret Gregory, Victor Villafane, Scott Harrell, Ryker Frenzel, Jared Burke, Kozo Cavalcanti Additional Filming: Scott Harrell and Derek Stanko Guest starring: Macklin Fanning Noir Deco - Prey at the Disco
  16. Las Rosas De Dallas Featuring: Jace Maupin, Kennedy Cantrell, Victor Villafane, Scott Harrell, Jared Burke, Sean Greene, Kyle Stone, and Daniel Stone. Filmed by Victor Villafane additional filming by Bret Gregory and Kennedy Elvis Presley - Thats Alright Mama Also my first time posting since the upgrade and I like it!