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Found 1 result

  1. What happened to you that you needed some advice from SP while we were on the "Great Break"? I really wanted to do some photo project of building a dark room in my small ass apartment. I was so confident that it would work out that I went and got second hand dark room equipment at a reasonable price from craigslist. All indications lead me to believe that I would be fine because I've done this before. My problem was figuring out what chems I needed. I asked around on instagram, asked on facebook messenger, and even talked with some people at the photo store, but i couldn't get all the resources in one place to actually know what I needed to do. So I buy some dev stop and fix, get it all sorted out in my bathroom, turn the fan on, and start thinking I know what I'm doing. I get out and I realized that my fan only moves air around in my bathroom and I was just inhaling fumes this whole time. I was in their for a while without anything to show for it. nothing came out wasted pretty much all the chem, and tons of photo paper. I was so turned around at work the next day that I went to the doctor. "Yeah maybe don't do that again". It was no one's fault but mine, but the whole reason i needed SP was I couldn't explain to anyone how and what happened. I needed to tell someone how Photography was almost the death of me.