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Found 2 results

  1. i bought a mk2 on ebay and it said it was 58mm, it doesnt have threads, its way too big for my vx1 and i have to tape it on, the only thing is that is has this thing that twists like its supossed to lock onto something, maybe it locks onto the vx2000 on the outside of the threading. idk but does anyone kno if i can buy and adapter, i cant find one cuz this fisheye only has the lock on not threads, soo -its a ultra fisheye adapter century mk2
  2. Hey guys i was thinking about getting the century 16:9 adapter for my vx2000 but i was wondering if anyone here had one and if it has front threads? because i was wanting to use a fisheye with this. If it doesn't have front threads is there any way i could mod it to mount a 58mm Opteka Ultra on it? thanks for the help.