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Found 7 results

  1. Hey Boys'n'Girls! Here's a montage I did from our summer tour last year. We went to Berlin (we're from switzerland) and yeah.. had a great time! I edited the thing and filmed most of the stuff. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. I filmed most of this and my friend edited it. We used a vx2000 with a 58mm opteka and a raymod for most of it, some of the SF stuff was filmed with a random Panasonic dv camera because I fell with my vx. And we used my friend's Panasonic vhs camera too. We're not that good but hopefully you enjoy watching it. There's a little bmx too.
  3. Im wondering how bad and how much it would cost if me and friends took two vans up to manhattan(i live in spotsy, va)and we stayed in the vans for a week if thats legal, i dont think cops will care but who am i we would probably take showers at a friends house hopefully and yeah if you could gimme some info on this from some nyc peeps thatd be kool
  4. http://funds.gofundme.com/index.php?route=fundmanager# thank you all this means the world to me
  5. Heres a wee video I filmed and edited from a recent trip to Mardid. Any feedback / criticism much appreciatted! (I know using lens flares/light leaks = not cool! ) This is the first skate video I have made since getting my DSLR. Thanks
  6. From my trip back in May to Connecticut. Managed to put this together with only two weeks of filming. Watch in HD and enjoy! Filmed with Canon 7D/HPX170 Additional filming done by my good friend James Messina
  7. apples


    I haven't posted here in a really long time. I've just been taking a lot of photos and am now catching up on getting them on the internet. These are from a 10 day trip to Germany and France in March with my dad. We visited family and friends and travelled alot. It was really awesome. I will be posting more soon. Any critiques and comments are always much appreciated. These were shot with a Yashica 124g on Fuji pro160ns. A smokestack through the trees in Frankfurt, Germany. A homless man begging in a busy plaza in Frankfurt. A 35mm Diptych of my dad and Heidelberg, Germany. Shot with Olympus stylus 150. Click link for large: http://www.flickr.com/photos/53287453@N08/7452606246/ Thanks for looking! Much more to come if I can get my act together.