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Found 7 results

  1. So i film with an hpx 250 not 170 or hvx, but theyre all the same thread size so what ever. I am looking for a fisheye for under 300$ and a tripod thats under 300$ Ive been looking at the opteka hd2 .4x 72mm but its out of stock every where or back ordered I would prefer a fisheye with no vignette, maybe the 16x9? i need some input also i am looking for a fluid head tripod, one thatll work good in cold temps, i film mostly snowbaording, and i would also like to have variable tension knobs. someone help me out im torn ;( thanks -Cal
  2. What legs should I use with this head preferably something cheap or discontinued that I can find on ebay or on here.
  3. Just doing some house cleaning of stuff I don't need anymore. It's all on eBay, but feel free to offer up and I can end auctions early if needed. Tripod Head SOLD Monopod $40 Tripod SOLD Ultra Slave $20 Mobile Hard Drive SOLD Nikon 60mm Micro SOLD Mobile HDD, CF card reader, mouse SOLD
  4. joshj2398


    Hi, i'm looking to buy a good tripod, but unfortunately I have a semi tight budget due to buying lenses and can't spend too much on one ($100-$200). I have a Canon 7D (3.2 lbs), a Rokinon 8mm (0.9 lbs), and a Canon 24-105mm f/4L (1.5 lbs).
  5. Olympus OM1/50 1.8 Camera isn't in great condition. The leatherette stuff came of on the front left of the camera and is peeling up near the edges on the back. It does, however, work just fine. Oh and although it's not in the picture I do have the hotshoe too. $80 OBO. All offers will be considered. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Manfrotto 055XPROB legs/322RC2 head It's in mediocre condition. No major flaws that I can find besides a few little scratches and stuff which of course have nothing to do with it's functionality. $200 shipped OBO. All offers will be considered. Uploaded with ImageShack.us http://imageshack.us...0922154719.jpg/ http://imageshack.us...0922154629.jpg/ Epson 4490 Again, this isn't in perfect condition but it works fine. The outside definitely has some scratches but I can't find any scratches on the glass. Comes with all the cords and film holders. It is missing the cover thing but you don't need that for anything. $70 shipped OBO. (My phone is refusing to email the photos of the scanner so when it starts cooperating I'll put them up.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't be afraid to lowball me. The only trades I would be interested in are 10/20d, d40/50/70, etc. Please email me with any questions or offers at palmersegner@gmail.com
  6. ZachBellman

    Tripod Usage?

    Ok so how many people use tripods? Like as independent filmers? My buddy and I each have a Vx1000, but he got his from a friend as a gift, meaning he doesn't film or anything as a hobby. Would it be worth getting a mini tripod for double angles or not?
  7. Mazi Malakouti

    Mazerz Sale Thread

    I have various items for sale. Here are some of the items I am selling. I will add more items and pictures later today. I have two Sandisk 16gb Extreme Compact Flash cards, that can be found at this link 45 + shipping each, 80 + shipping for both. I also have the Rokinon 8mm Fisheye for Canon, which can be found at this link SOLD.