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Found 18 results

  1. PhotoGuyJosh2015

    The Worst Kickflip Style Of All Time

    https://www.instagram.com/p/3H0GtGBziI/?taken-by=photoguyjosh Hey guys, just want to share this clip of me incase anyone can help my problem. I hate my kickflip style , pretty sure you can tell which one I am haha (The slo mo). Anyone have any suggestions to get a good flick? Feel like Reda's ass after a 18 inch pizza
  2. We visited Ian Bird down LDN last weekend. We filmed a little clip in between street skating at Frontside Gardens...
  3. i honestly think supra has the gnarliest team out there right now, their tour videos are so sick everytime!
  4. A short and sweet edit of my flatmate at our local - enjoy!
  5. Took about two years but it's finally out, 5th video from Zulu Skate Krew. East London skateboarding with a few guys from Southern California. Check it out: [media=640x468] [/media] Vimeo embedding's kinda tiny on here but fullscreen or click the vimeo logo for a bigger view. All critique welcome as always!
  6. New stuff from us. How was the cut? I edited less to the drum and base vibe because I didnt want it to turn out like a Bourne remake. So thats why the stretched clips at times. Anyway enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqWNSzsd43M
  7. Every Wednesday we get together and session our local car park...this is the latest edit
  8. blue_sugar

    Breaking Bad

    ENJOY!!!!! Shot in the new level skatepark in Brighton, UK. 5dmkii,
  9. whyhammer

    Chill Sessions

  10. I started an amateur King of the Road a few years ago. This year I got a team together and took part. Not all the filming was done by me, but I have to take responsibility for the editing. I'd love to hear what you guys think about it, because most of what I've learnt about filming has been from this site. http://www.caughtinthecrossfire.com/lords-of-the-swords-2012/pasty-attack-force-video-entry/ If you're feeling generous and drop us vote it wouldn't go unappreciated.
  11. Hey guys, Couple months ago i lost my camera so I haven't been filming lately but my mates got a sick canon camera so he says if he brings it out I can film with it as long as he gets to edit it and as long as it's in SD. Getting my 60d in a couple of weeks and could do with filming niggles for when I get it. Session with my mate Rod: Session with Fraser who's camera i'm using: Hope you guys enjoy, he has a pretty weird but sick editing style!
  12. Callumalmost

    Raymod For Vx1000, And Sony Cam

    If your selling either of these PM me, looking for a Raymod fisheye to fit a Vx1000 and a cheap sony capture cam, also if you got some batteries that fit the vx1000 I might think about buying some. I live in the Uk Birmingham to be exact, so you would need to be okay to ship here or local. Thanks for reading and don't be shy Pm me!
  13. Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been here, kind of stopped filming skateboarding. I recently finished a documentary about a tour celebrating the 50th anniversary of Jamaican Independence. I'd really love some of your feedback and thoughts on the film. I'm pretty stoked on it, It was uploaded on in the evening on Sunday 1st July and today (Friday 6th) it's on 1,327 views! It was filmed with a 550d (t2i) with Magic Lantern This film explores the living history of bass culture, with interviews with Channel One Sound System, Top Cat, General Roots, The Bug, The Heatwave & more . In the 1950′s, Jamaicans brought the sound of their Island direct to British dance floors. Influenced by Mento, Ska and Reggae, UK producers, DJs and musicians changed the sound of British music forever. Roots reggae soundsystems were the radio of the disaffected in Jamaica. As in Jamaica the soundsystem gave a platform for delivery of this message music in the UK. This tradition is still very strong with roots soundsystems such as Channel One Sound System continuing to deliver uncompromising music. We are also joined by UK roots vanguards Iration Steppas. In the early 90′s UK reggae soundsystem culture bled into four by four house to create jungle. The meeting of producers such as Congo Natty and artists such as Top Cat who had grown up around the roots soundsystem in the UK with acid house pioneers created a sound more in touch with the people on the streets who were looking for a culture to embrace. Jungle was the end product of this cultural splicing which continues to be pushed by producers such as Shy FX. Jungle, roots and UK garage gave birth to dubstep which is represented on this tour by Mala, Coki, The Bug and Flowdan. The heavy bass-laden delivery is traceable directly back to Jamaica. The MC tradition is represented by Lady Leshurr, Roxxan and RTKAL. Rounding off the roster is the The Heatwave who embody the variety that Jamaica Party offers in all their sets.
  14. batlockmiles

    Street Mon

    may as well ballbag this on here. it was an entry for a shop competition based on king of the road but with really loose rules, basicly make an edit. filmed in england btw gs320 - baby death
  15. So my friend and I have been working on this online part for him for around 6 months. We live in a house together but despite that, with standard work, injury and weather issues it was a job getting this together. Anyhow I feel like I actually tried, and put a good amount effort into the production of this one, so hopefully you will enjoy the video even if the skating isn't your thing (no 12 stair rail hammers, soz). Any feedback is appreciated, I know I won't get any, but worth a try. Thanks dudes.
  16. harry smith

    3 3 3

    All 35mm + the sun. FS Blunt Slide - Joe Ventham FS Smith - Joe Ventham BS Flip - Joe Ventham
  17. Simple Occasions Manchester skate scene video, released 2011. Shot on Canon XM2 and 16mm Enjoy 238172c86612d38