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Found 3 results

  1. So I was trollin' around the other day and found a gem from long before I was here from 08' and it really caught my eye. So I thought why not I'll try and bring it back. Its basically where you post the urban myths/legends of your particular town or even any that you may have heard about other places. so post your urban myths/legends and other supernatural shit here I guess So mine is there is this womens college that I live across the street from and my mom used to work for as the college assistant lady so she would usually have to work really late alone. and she would always tell us about these shadow people she would see when she was there late at night and that one time she got so scared that she ran from her office to her car. From then on she never was there alone at night again. Another time when my mom had taken me with her to work on the weekend I was just finishing using the bathroom and we were about to leave when I went to find my mom. I found her and she said to wait in the hall which meant I was adjacent to the bathroom I had just left I heard a flush from inside and thought even as a little kid thats odd there is no one else here so i waited to see who would come out and after five minutes went by I went in to find that no one was there. I just walked out perplexed and somewhat scared I then heard about the ghosts later and it made some sense. I steer clear of that place now since my mom stopped working for them
  2. Finally made the 5th STEAKTAGE. watch, share, comment, enjoy!!!
  3. http://hellaclips.com/videos/view/39075 check it out guys!