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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys, I want to make my VX footy look like vhs, and want to rewind while capturing and all that shit too. U know what im saying So the thing would be, capturing mini dv to computer which I do everyday, but then I want to burn the footy into a vhs. Then capture it again from the vcr to my computer so it stays on that vhs style. Heard something about burning VX clips to a dvd, then plug the dvd player into a vcr. Capture the dvd from the vcr. Then vcr to a blank dvd and then to computer. But well it sounds kind of nonsense, I dont know what cables I need, I got the mini dv cam to capture, a dvd player and a vcr so im ready haha. If somebody knows how to do this or maybe if there is another way, it would really help. Thanks!