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Found 32 results

  1. Hello guys, I want to make my VX footy look like vhs, and want to rewind while capturing and all that shit too. U know what im saying So the thing would be, capturing mini dv to computer which I do everyday, but then I want to burn the footy into a vhs. Then capture it again from the vcr to my computer so it stays on that vhs style. Heard something about burning VX clips to a dvd, then plug the dvd player into a vcr. Capture the dvd from the vcr. Then vcr to a blank dvd and then to computer. But well it sounds kind of nonsense, I dont know what cables I need, I got the mini dv cam to capture, a dvd player and a vcr so im ready haha. If somebody knows how to do this or maybe if there is another way, it would really help. Thanks!
  2. My friends and I worked on this for about a year and a half. It turned out better than I thought although I quit filming for the most part a year ago. Enjoy!
  3. Sorry I know this question has been asked a lot but what are the best export settings for a film mostly shot with a vx2000 but also has some HD and VHS footage in there aswell? I used to live with another filmer and he used to do all the export settings for me. There isn't much HD about 1 minute all together. The video is 37 mins long and i wanted to upload it to Vimeo and maybe have a couple of DVDS for the shop. Here is the trailer which is also a mix of DV/HD/VHS mix I can't remember what settings were used to export this from final cut 7 and then on to Vimeo. Many Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm searching the AWS Photosynthesis vhs and boards of the Aws Don Pendleton era. Let me know if you have something!
  5. GlueBag

    Sony Vx2000 Export Settings.

    Sorry I know this question has been asked a lot but what are the best export settings for VX2000pal from finalcut7? The only problem is there is some HD and VHS footage in the video aswell. I used to live with another filmer and he used to do all the export settings for me. There isn't much HD about 1 minute all together. The video is 37 mins long and i wanted to upload it to Vimeo and maybe 3 DVDS for the shop. Here is the trailer to get what i mean about the DV/HD/VHS mix. Many thanks.
  6. Last week Emerica/Lakia Had visited Philadelphia on there Stay flared tour. With a little of my editing magic I brought Back that late 90s skateboarding nostalgia with a 411vm Demo section. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9pkM7LqI7s ps didn't know till after I uploaded this video that Huf did it first.
  7. aj1000

    Vhs And Dvd Sell And Trade

    Have a old vhs's and trying to get money quick. Have two copy's of a skate video. Don't go through the troubles of putting up a eBay page. Find and sell your old or new skate videos today. Sell just one skate video or sell you whole collection. No scams and no rip off's. ( just to note I "aj1000" am not selling any skate DVDs or vhs's)
  8. kevinthegears

    Hd Extras 2014

    Since I'm primarily filming VX now, I wanted to do something with some of the HD footage I had laying around so it wouldn't go to waste. I happened across about an hour of free HD VHS noise/distortion and although the whole VHS vibe is very played out I couldn't resist trying it out. Lots of homies in this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRVo7j3hdWw&list=UU9j1pmWPwo7QQ_QzOdPeV0Q
  9. I filmed most of this and my friend edited it. We used a vx2000 with a 58mm opteka and a raymod for most of it, some of the SF stuff was filmed with a random Panasonic dv camera because I fell with my vx. And we used my friend's Panasonic vhs camera too. We're not that good but hopefully you enjoy watching it. There's a little bmx too.
  10. ManipulatedMinds


    I've been filming a lot of VHS this year, but finally i captured it.
  11. Hey guys! So King Shit Mag and Expedition One held this contest called "Spot Shutdown" where a bunch of shops across Canada had to get their team and skate only one spot. Some are big, some are small, but everyone killed it. Please vote for my video "Top of the World Skate Shop" so that I can feed my caviar and cristal addiction (pay my rent). It's tournament matchup style so you'll only see two videos on the link. voting page with videos - http://kingshitmag.com/spotshutdown/matchups/17 also a vimeo link Enjoy and vote!!! One per day!
  12. amarshello

    Aws Photosynthesis

    Looking to buy Photosynthesis VHS with the box. Anyone have any help?
  13. happycloudskate

    Vhs Setup ?

    Something similar to what palace skateboards uses in this video.
  14. I was wondering how to get damaged Vhs effects, paste some links or tell me where i can get them.
  15. JustSkate401

    Wtb: Old Skate Videos - Vhs & Dvd

    anyone got some older skate videos that they wouldnt mind letting go of? Specifically looking for Static I and Static II, but will consider others as well.
  16. Hey SP, Here's a little b-roll edit promoting the new snowboard movie I'm making this year called "Chuurch." As always comments and criticism is always welcome. Thanks Leif
  17. Does this look lame? or does this please you? Keep in mind I don't really care if the vhs look is over done. This just amuses me, i don't plan on over doing this for every clip.
  18. LZC

    Vhs Camera Question

    Hi SP, I got a VHS camera this summer from my mom's old office. My mom said she remembers it shooting in color, but when I look and film through the viewfinder it's only black and white. So my question is, do you know if the viewfinder is in B&W if the footy will be in B&W or will it come out in color? I've never had a VHS, so if anyone has any experience, let me know. Thanks
  19. Hey, I want to trade the following: -Chinon 672 AUTOZOOM CLASSIC -Kodachrome 40 Super 8 Cartridge (it was very hard to get my hands on this) -Raynox MX3000 (Raymod) NOTE: THE VX1000 IN THE IMAGE IS NOT INCLUDED -Sony HVC-3000P VHS camera The raymod has the sony .6x middle element and the 52mm-58mm step up ring for the vx1000. file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2211.jpg >>> Raymod image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2210.jpg >>> Raymod image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2212.jpg >>> Raymod image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2213.jpg >>> HVC image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2214.jpg >>> HVC image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2215.jpg >>> HVC image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2216.jpg >>> Super 8 image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2217.jpg >>> Chinon image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2220.JPG >>> Chinon image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2221.JPG >>> All of the equipment file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2226.JPG >>> Super 8 image The kodachrome I filmed for literally 3-5 seconds on. The film had a maximum of 2 and a half minutes so there is still about 2:25mins left. The raymod is in excellent condition and so is the Sony HVC-3000P. I want to trade ideally for a broken DVX100A, but seeing as this is unlikely, I'd want to trade for a ty2 bag or some vx1000 batteries. PM for any questions or email me as I'll reply much faster: danchasson@hotmail.com IF THE IMAGES AREN'T WORKING, PLEASE EMAIL OR PM FOR THEM! Thanks!
  20. Jerskates

    Skateparks And Travels

    Let me know what you think!
  21. nico

    Hi-8 Footage Effect

    Heres some glitchy green screen hi-8 footage, you guys can test it out I was getting some pretty cool footage from it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VurlVPI1rF4 Heres a little test I made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5elb-gTPQw