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Found 9 results

  1. 1pjladd2

    VX1k - MK1 vignetting aligment

    I just got a "new" VX1000. Just did some test shots with it today. And I recognized that the vignette was pretty off to the left side of the frame. But I rather like my vignette to be centred and even in all corners. Is there a way to adjust or counterbalance this?
  2. AKskateboarding

    Hvx200 & Opteka .3x Vig Solution

    Vig on the HVX / Opteka .3x looks horrible, but I found a solution to it. I was playing around in Magic Bullet Looks today and noticed that it had a lens distortion you can add to your footage. I added it to my look just to see what it did, and after playing with the distortion amount I managed to get rid of all vig on the .3x, while maintaining vertical height. For this I set the distortion to: Distortion: -31.3% Flatten: 35.7% It seems to be the happy medium, it pretty much ends up looking like a DSLR fisheye. You lose a little bit of horizontal width but its still much more effective than cropping or spending heaps on an xtreme. I am currently editing a video with this "look" on all the fisheye footage, I'll post it when its up so you can see what it looks like. Hope this helps!
  3. LZC

    Opteka .3 Vig Help!

    Hey SP, I noticed something was up with my vig on my Opteka .3 from when I view the files on quicktime to when I put them in FCP7 to edit, or when I upload them to Youtube/ Vimeo. I shoot Opteka .3 on HPX170 zoomed into 10 at 72060p Below I've put up a screenshot. On the left is the raw video in quicktime, and on the right is a shot of it in FCP7. In FCP 7 looks like it auto zooms out a bit and there's more noticable vig. Anyone had this issue or know what's up?! I shoot Opteka .3 on HPX170 zoomed into 10 at 72060p and am editing on FCP7 if that helps! Thanks Leif
  4. scarecorw88skate

    Vx1000 Unneven Vig

    my vx1000 has uneven vig, and im wondering what I can do do fix it, anything info is helpful, I just want to get this fixed so I can start filming quality footage....
  5. SamGillPerezfilms

    Sony Trv17e Recommendations

    hey guys, im new to this forum, i've just got back into filming and i recieved a free Sony trv17e, seems pretty good! I have read a lot about it, but i would like some advice with it, i have ordered an opteka baby death and a handle. best settings? how to colour correct it properly? any advice is appreciated! Keep filming and skating dudes.
  6. indyskatefilms

    Opteka Vx1000 Vig

    On vx1000 opteka death lens videos it seems like the vig is shifted, and there is more on the left side than the right. Some videos are worse than otheres. Is it just the threads on all vx1k's and opteka death lenses, or am i just getting unlucky on the clips that i watch?
  7. KDB

    Mk2 Help?

    I was wondering where I can buy a bayo ring or something to make the vig bigger on my Mk2. I hate having no vig and want it to look more like an Mk1 if that's possible.
  8. al3c3

    Mkii Help (more Vig)

    Hello everybody i have a sony vx2100 with a MKII I would like to know how to add more vig to the MKII? Please dont sugesst to get an MKI (i know its better and i need a VX1000 or mod it) Thanks for the help
  9. kaigustafson

    Vig On A Vx21 Mk2 Bayo Mount?

    Ive been frustrated with having no vig on my sony vx2100 mk2 bayo mount? Can someone tell me how i should handle this issue?