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Found 43 results

  1. before you start trippin realize that 90% of the old japanese vx1000 threads are confusing as fuck, have broken links, expired photobucket pics and shit like that. i'm posting because japanese vx's are super cheap and i'm sure there are still lots of people who are just getting into it now. it can be a little intimidating at first and the full translation is scattered in a bunch of places so this will hopefully help. i tried to leave the japanese characters visible because it'll be easier if you just know what the symbol means. like on and off, you will see them a lot throughout the menus and stuff. also, this was just the first attempt at these pictures, so if i notice some room for improvements i'll do so. theres one here that i dont know. but i dont use the vtr mode at all anyways. and neither should you. the options in each menu are listed in this thread . maybe later i'll do all of those too this is only a translation. i'm not gonna give you lessons on how to use the camera cause that is well covered in many many many places like this pdf manual https://upload.cyfrowe.pl/cyfrowe/instrukcje/kamery/sony/instrukcja_sony_vx1000_eng.pdf if you have a jap vx and arent fuckin with it you can try hitting up kerry@videoelectronics.tv http://forums.skateperception.com/profile/4008-video-electronics/ and he will possibly convert it to english for you, for a fee shoutout to swackedflapjack, mkcolgan2, gaygaygalen, and flipsrowleykid
  2. mikeronzitti

    Auguste In January

    Homeboy rippin up the local park
  3. mikeronzitti

    Wtb: Sony Brand Vx1k Batteries

    im tryna find some sony brand batteries not the generic brand ones
  4. DanielJimenezFilms

    Chooki Fathers Day Edit Ii

    Some clips that aren't gonna make the cut for the full length. Worth a watch, Chooks is a ledge slayer.
  5. andrewvx

    Vx1000 Colours

    Hi, I have had my vx a while now but whilst iam looking at other peoples videos also filmed with a vx1000 I noticed my colours were not so great so was wondering what settings I should change to make my colour look better. Thanks
  6. Mount Mini Went up to the mountains recently and had a sesh with the fam! I <3 Stephan
  7. message me if you want to sell me a vx1k setup or if you want to trade a vx1k setup for a dvx setup
  8. I have been falling head over heels trying to find a way to do this and if one of you fine gentleman could tell me how to do this that would be a great deed to mankind, Godspeed.
  9. Skated Carmel Valley skatepark and Syndrome again peep it! Oh and Shoutouts to the homie Dylan for letting me film with his camera!! Filmed with: Vx1000 Song: King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
  10. Hello all, Haven't posted on here in years but it's good to be back! I'm selling my mint condition sony VX1000 with a Century Optics .3x ultra fisheye MK1 AKA deathlens. She's in perfect working condition and was serviced fairly recently by Kerry at VideoElectronics in Reading, MA (full tune-up including head cleaning and ribbon cable replacement). The lens is in perfect condition as well. This camera has NEVER been hit by any skateboards, shoes, heads, the ground, etc. I will also include a camera bag, lens cleaning kit, head cleaning tape, some new tapes (sony premiums, of course) and whatever else I find lying around my apartment that is camera related. I'm selling the ENTIRE package for $800. I can ship but would prefer to meet in or around New York City as that is where I live. Email me at davejnoonan@gmail.com if you're interested, have any questions, concerns, whatever. I should respond promptly. Thanks! Dave
  11. Nickbradian

    Vx1mk1 Setups? Wtb

    got over a grand. PM me.
  12. Daniel Kusnir

    Wtb: Vx1k Batteries

    Title says it all. Sell me all of your batteries. If you have enough maybe I'll trade you a 16 gig iphone 4 for at&t.
  13. Nickbradian

    Wtb Vx1mk1

    Looking to spend some cash on a vx1mk1 setup. Looked all over ebay and craigslist in my area and can't find a single good deal. PM me if you know of anyone selling one or are selling one. Will also just buy the mk1 seperately.
  14. gnarfunkle

    Footage Party Full Length Video

    A homie video filmed in and around Vista, California. Featuring full parts from; Kurt Hodge, Jon Bricke, Pat Burke, Cyle Conger, Nick Pope, Dimetrus Collins, Max Fisher, Brent Zinman, Elijah Anderson, Eddy Coscarart, Mike Bricke, Garret Lekas, Rowan Zorilla, Peanut Head, and Jet Caputo. Guest Appearances by; Anthony Shultz, Jorge Colunga, Drew Dezort, Buhda, Jacob Nunez, Jamie Thomas, Ben Gardner, Kyle T, Jon Goemann, Schwan Dogg, Taylor Smith, Brooks Bushman, AJ Zavala, Mercado, Taylor Kirby, and Many many more. Filmed and Edited by Mike Bricke http://footageparty.bigcartel.com/ 5$ shipped DVD w/ paper sleeve 9$ shipped DVD w/ hard case + sticker
  15. Nickbradian

    Vx1000 Or Die

    Well then......................... *eyecup on the lens*
  16. willmax95

    Wtb: Vx1 Mk1 Setup

    I am looking to get a vx1 mk1 for christmas and im trying to find one that is at a cheaper price. If you have a setup throw me prices ill let you know. Or if you have a vx1 separate and and mk1 seperate that is newish condition let me know. I want it to come with the battery and a charger of course.
  17. jessealba

    52mm Spacer Ring Stuck On Vx1000

    so i just bought a new vx1000, and the peroson i got it from left a 52mm spacer ring on it and it wont come off, i dont wanna pull to hard because i dont wanna fuck up the bayo so i dont know what to do, help!
  18. TryYourLuckJUSTIN

    Sell Me Your Messed Up Mk1 /// Wtb

    Sell me your fucked up mk1. Can't find a mint one for cheap so fuck it. Throw me some prices!
  19. TryYourLuckJUSTIN

    Wtb: Mk1

    Need Mk1 for my Vx1. $400 budget. PM me!
  20. nico

    Grainy Vx1 Footage

    Ok, so lately my vx footage has been really grainy and dosnt look sharp/clear. My settings on the camera arent anything crazy and its not from exporting because it looks like that in FCP. Is there any way to fix this or improve the footage in FCP? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Spd4nIleHw Heres how I want it to look