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Found 158 results

  1. Recently my mk1's front glass got destroyed when it was smacked off my vx. I purchased a new front element from Century Optics and after the headache of installing it, the vignetting looked quite different in footage (see comparison pictures below). I've noticed other peoples vignetting look like this before, but I assumed it depended on the manufacture date of the lens. My lens is quite old (no Schneider logo, only century) so I figure thats why it had the "mostly black" vig. With the new front element, the vig has a "white line", which I personally find a little less appealing. I'm curious as to why this is, so if anyone can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreaciated!
  2. just put out the first of many edits capturing the many skate spots of various cities in western massachusetts. springfield came first. hope yall enjoy. filmed with: vx1mk1 gl2mk1
  3. canadian boys gettin at it not as good as some canadian skaters tho **FULL LENGTH BELOW**
  4. popflickcatch

    Cris Lesh

    Full part from my video Contrast. Still for sale at contrastvideo.bigcartel.com and Westside Skateshop in Cleveland, OH.
  5. popflickcatch

    Dustin Patterson

    Full part from my video Contrast. Still for sale at contrastvideo.bigcartel.com and Westside Skateshop in Cleveland, OH.
  6. popflickcatch

    Jalen Willis

    Full part from my video Contrast. Still for sale at contrastvideo.bigcartel.com and Westside Skateshop in Cleveland, OH.
  7. JackoABCDEFG

    The Sg Video

    a full length video coming this summer with: jordan martins, brycen hernandez, jake clark, dylan rutherford, jack o'connor (myself), robert tishchenko, nicholas bruno, matt rondoletto, brendan o'connor & viktor tishchenko. filmed all over new england including tampa & sarasota fl. :-) also filmed with my old gl2/mk1 (thx electrical tape) music by my good friend uncle ryan. peep his sound cloud for more rad music: https://soundcloud.com/hologram69
  8. scottgarrison

    New Park

    city rebuilt an old shitty sk8park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhetD2GJi4I
  9. popflickcatch

    Shawn Hall

    Shawn Hall's part from my video contrast. Copies still available at http://contrastvideo.bigcartel.com
  10. #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A3qnZBXdQc
  11. JackoABCDEFG

    Ma / Ct Parks

    first editing ive done in 9 months... such a shame parks in agawam ma, fitchburg ma, new britain ct, acton ma, willimantic ct, bristol ct, hartford, and northampton ma so yeah thats what gl2mk1 footage looks like
  12. scottgarrison

    Florida Stuff

    here's a new one y'all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzXI0_Zt_Nc
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh8XVlskVIU
  14. scottgarrison

    Bossmons Orders: 3

    video coming at the end of 2k15
  15. JackoABCDEFG

    Tampa 'blog'

    we got to tampa last saturday night. here is everything we've gotten each day (besides actual footage). some funny shit's gone down so far. by far the most we've ever skated, consecutively, every day. it's been tight. day 4 ^ i'll be posting every day up until day 6
  16. scottgarrison

    Ode To Aa

    Footage I won't be using for anything else https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7k-JNCQN2BQ
  17. scottgarrison

    Unf Skatepark

  18. so i was gonna film for a full length, but then my heads fucked up real bad. and i don't have money to afford the repairs so.. here's this!
  19. its been a minute since iv posted a vid, if a mod sees this can you fix it for me thanks!