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Found 9 results

  1. Looking to trade my Panasonic HVX200 for: -15" i7 MacBook Pro(Retina or Non-Retina) Will add CASH on my part Or -Canon 5D Mkii -Panasonic GH4 Feel free to PM me on here and if you have anything similar to these feel free to shoot me a message
  2. JSantiago

    Wtb/wtt For Hmc150

    Must come with at least two batteries. Must be in excellent condition. I have a 7D setup that I'd be willing to trade as a whole for one, plus cash of course. Message me or text me (407) 865-0740 if you're interested in trade+cash or have the camera. Thanks!
  3. Hey, I want to trade the following: -Chinon 672 AUTOZOOM CLASSIC -Kodachrome 40 Super 8 Cartridge (it was very hard to get my hands on this) -Raynox MX3000 (Raymod) NOTE: THE VX1000 IN THE IMAGE IS NOT INCLUDED -Sony HVC-3000P VHS camera The raymod has the sony .6x middle element and the 52mm-58mm step up ring for the vx1000. file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2211.jpg >>> Raymod image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2210.jpg >>> Raymod image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2212.jpg >>> Raymod image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2213.jpg >>> HVC image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2214.jpg >>> HVC image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2215.jpg >>> HVC image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2216.jpg >>> Super 8 image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2217.jpg >>> Chinon image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2220.JPG >>> Chinon image file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2221.JPG >>> All of the equipment file:///Users/Hasson/Desktop/IMG_2226.JPG >>> Super 8 image The kodachrome I filmed for literally 3-5 seconds on. The film had a maximum of 2 and a half minutes so there is still about 2:25mins left. The raymod is in excellent condition and so is the Sony HVC-3000P. I want to trade ideally for a broken DVX100A, but seeing as this is unlikely, I'd want to trade for a ty2 bag or some vx1000 batteries. PM for any questions or email me as I'll reply much faster: danchasson@hotmail.com IF THE IMAGES AREN'T WORKING, PLEASE EMAIL OR PM FOR THEM! Thanks!
  4. I know this seems like " LOL" or a joke. I get that. But At this point I just dont have very much money on me and im just looking to trade some random things plus a certain amount of cash so that I could get an Mk1. They likelyhood if this actually happening I know is slim. But hey im giving it a try.
  5. JasonBorn

    Wtb/wtt: Panasonic Hmc40/case

    I have a fisheye, 50mm f1.8 mk II, intervalometer, a cam caddie, and an Opteka Eazy Handle, all for trade. I'll give it all + Four fiddy for an HMC40 + basic accessories (battery, charger, the usuals.). I have OG boxes for all items. I am the original owner of all items. I also have a vintage Nikon 50mm f1.8s I'd sell/trade for cheap. Not pictured. Perfect glass. Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/CqJZz I'd also buy an HMC40 for 900 straight up if it came with the basic accessories. If you have a case or know of a good case for the HMC40 + fisheye + light, I'd appreciate any offers/recommendations.
  6. As the title says, I have a minty peleng 8mm canon mount fisheye, which I want to trade for an Mk1. Pm any offers you may have, or post below. I am open to any offers. Thanks.

    Wtt Sony Vx2000 For Dslr

    Want to trade a good condtion vx2000 for a DSLR,looking for a t2i/t3i or a nikon. Will add cash if needed.Shoot me some offers.
  8. Looking to trade my perfectly mint 82mm Opteka for either a DSLR mic (prefferably a Rode or Sennheiser), a 50mm or any other Canon mount lens, or just to even sell it. WILLING TO ADD CASH IF NECESSARY. PM me or comment on this post if you're interested. Pictures: IMG_5657 by JustinOHHSNAP, on Flickr IMG_5659 by JustinOHHSNAP, on Flickr
  9. Alright so I've had this DVX100b that I have no use for. I'm looking to trade this camera for a mk1 to put on my vx1. The lens does not have to be perfect at all. It just needs to do the job for me ( I'm not too serious about filming so I don't mind scratches that are too noticeable in the footy. If you know what I mean. But back to my camera, This camera by all means is not perfect. -powers on, films, and records -no audio -occasional glitches -cosmetic scratches -damage on back bottom corner -charger and battery possibly included -at least 1000hours on it. . Good for a second angle camera. Sorry for low quality pictures. Can take more if interested. Willing to pay for shipping costs.