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Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys, I tryied to upload interlaced video on YouTube, because I like the way it looks. Unfortunately, the video seems to came desinterlaced... Do you know if YouTube automatically desinterlace ? What is the trick to do so ? By the way, I posted the same clip to Facebook, and it came interlaced just like I wanted : Thanks !
  2. Hey guys, I haven't really used these forums since 2012, but I really need some help. I have a vx1000 and I edit using premiere pro. The footage looks fine in Premiere. I can export it as an AVI or as an H.264 file, and they both look great while played on my computer. But, when uploaded to youtube, the footage looks pretty shitty. Here is one of the edits I've made so you can see what I'm talking about: As you can see, the quality isn't very good. I would think that it's just youtube's compression and that I should just give up, but I look at other VX videos on youtube and the quality is much better. Please help! I've tried everything. I've exported as many different files, but no matter how good it looks on my PC, it looks like shit on youtube. Thanks! EDIT: The fisheye footage has a lot of vignetting cause I used a weird DIY lens. Don't worry, I just got an MK1.
  3. Sup dudes, I want to open a YouTube channel and have the SkatePerception community involved. Basically from what i've been brainstorming the channel would consist of: Filming, Photographer & Editing How-To's​How it would work: A skateperception member can film their how to weather it be on filming, editing or photography then they will send the clips to a video editor who is a skateperception member to edit the video together and render it out then finally send it to me to upload. At the end of each video it will say which members were involved in the making of the video and have www.forums.skateperception.com at the end to hopefully bring in new members. Interviews/Insight with members (Filmers, photographers, editors)​​How it would work: I would send the skateperception member a number of various questions for example ( how they got into filming, photography or editing, any new projects, goals, current camera gear, favorite project ever created or been involved in ect.) Then they would set up there camera and film all the answers to the questions then email it too a video editor who is a skateperception member to edit the video together render it out then finally send it too me to upload. At the end of each video it will say which members were involved in the making of the video and end on www.forums.skateperception.com to hopefully bring in new members. Feature the Filmer​How it would work: A filmer who is also a skateperception member would send me a video via www.wetransfer.com they put together which they would like to be featured. At the end of the video it will say the member's name and there social media ect. Who wants to get involved? If you want to get involved tell us in the comments of this topic or want to contribute more ideas and concepts let us know. Also what could we name the channel? Thanks, Jarred
  4. I have both but am starting to use them separately for different things, just wanted to see what people on here thought
  5. G'day, I bought a Japanese vx1000 about a year ago. Since then i've worked out the custom presets, made sure i've got it set to 4:3, and filmed a lot of footage, most of which when played back on my capture cam has fine colours and everything else seems in order. But, i'm struggling to get quality even close to other vx-filmed videos on Youtube or Vimeo. I'm using FCP7 at the moment (although I originally had FCPX). I'm also fairly confident my close-to-new sony capture cam is importing the video perfectly into FCP, although i've noticed the quality once imported is not quite as high as professional vx-filmed videos on youtube. I'm assuming that is because i'm not a professional... or are there import settings I should be changing? I've tried a lot of tutorials, read through forums, guides... and I still can't find a combination of export settings that will give me even okay quality on Youtube, and i've tried Vimeo as well. I haven't really tried the export, then compress method, mainly because I can't get good quality as is, so i'm assuming compressing it will surely make it worse? But I do have 'mpeg streamclip' installed. Anyway, I would really appreciate some help, i've been filming all my mates for the last 6 months and am embarrassed every time I attempt to upload footage. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey guys, if you have a minute, check out this music video that I made for an m83 song. Let me know what you think. I appreciate it.
  7. Checking in with Shred Shed team rider Tyler Bolar to see what hes been up to while on the west coast. Follow on Instagram: @shredshed @tylerbolar @steaktage Filmed/Edited by: David Stoessel Artist: Thee Oh Sees Song: Can You See Camera: HPX170//Xtreme
  8. i feel like there needs to be a thread for people to post HD montages only. where people who like to watch HD videos can go. sorry if there is already a thread for this, but i didnt see one. so place your HD edits here!!
  9. Dont know if this is the right place for this, but anyways. The New Youtube layout says its best to have a Youtube Promo Vid/Trailer for your channel so when people go to it they get a feel for your channel. I wanna see what everyone has done, why? why not! gives us all something to watch! il get the ball rolling i guess
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y61boEAvyw subscribe
  11. after i export my video from final cut, and then upload it to youtube it takes alot of time, around 140. is this normal?
  12. LproductionSB

    Post Your Video Thread?

    Post Your Skate videos I need Somthing to Watch! Heres one of mine
  13. What do you guys think of the new youtube layout? I think its retarded, youtube gets worse everyday.
  14. skatestone

    Thoughts On My Vx2000 Video Quality?

    Hey guys i want to know what you all think of my upload test. Been working hard for a while to get the BEST looking video out of my vx as possible and i think im getting pretty damn close. youtube did compress it a bit i noticed that the file on my computer looks a lot better than the youtube video but still. This is looking a lot better than most vx2 footage ive seen on youtube. tell me what you think. maybe give suggestions on how i could improve it even further.
  15. My homie Tyler battles out this gnarly no run way 19 stair handrail! I get chills every time I see this rail! check out more videos at http://www.harrisoatesmedia.com!
  16. christiancustodio

    Youtube Copyrights

    how can i make my youtube vidoes available on mobile, youtube blocks it on mobile why?
  17. chris9tophe

    New To Skate Perception

    hey im new to skateperception and fairly new to youtube, it would be greatly appreciated if anyone would give me some constructive criticism on my newer videos. all shot on a t3i. a sub would be helpfull but anyone who gives a tip gets a shoutout. its not great help but its all i can offer in return