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Editing Guides/tutorials

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1. The Editing Bible
2. Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 - made by Antti
3. Final Cut Pro - made by Dan B
4. Organizing Footage - made by schoft
5. Sorenson Squeeze - made by Charley
6. Squared5 - made by RileyH
7. Best Online Video Hosting - made by Ups&Downs
8. Downloading Fonts - made by david p
9. How To iDVD: Menu Easter Eggs - made by kruger
10. How To AE: Dropping Out of the Sky Title Effect - made by Brian Fitz
11. How To AE: Motion Tracker - made by skate_atx
12. How To AE: Stroke - made by skate_atx
13. How To AE: 3D Titles - made by Brian Fitz
14. How To AE: Bubbles - made by Samuel
15. How To: Rule of Thirds - made by Viet
16. How To AE: Stroke Follow Line - made by cherryrig
17. How To AE: Animated Lines - made by Samuel
18. Uncompressed .DV to .AVI or vice versa - made by gromdotcom
19. How To AE: Video in Text - made by KiLLiN_iT
20. How To AE: The Adio Effect - made by wayoutfilms
21. How To FCP: H.264 Compression - made by Tristan Herman
22. Post Production FAQ's - made by wayoutfilms

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