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How To:letterbox In Adobe Premeire

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Alright this is pretty simple and should take less then five minites to do. I like to film in 16:9 with my gs500 for some reason but if you export your footage in premeire or whatever editing program you use, the footage will get squished if you compress with Sorenson Squeeze and it will not look right. 16:9 in 4:3 will make everything look super smushed together.


Alright, I used Adobe premeire 6.5 for this tutorial.




1)Import the clip you want to letterbox and put it on the timeline.




2)Go to your video effects window and go Video>Transform>Clip




3)Drag the effect onto your footage and a box will open up.




4)Move the "clip top" and "clip bottom" arrow to the right. I think 7 looks pretty good but you can move it to whatever satisfies you best. You can also change the color of the bars by going to "fill color." After you do all of this don't close the box yet or you will lose the effect.




5)Almost done. Go to timeline>render work area up on top. Make sure it looks good.




6)Alright you're done. Go to File>export>movie to export your clip!




Here is a before and after of the clip...








I hope that helped at least one person on here even though it is fairly simple. Hope I explained everything alright too.

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Or you could just create a new title and just make a thick line on the top and bottom......or actually film it that way.

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Thats stupid as fuck dude. And I had no idea premiere 6.5 looks so much different than 2.0.


I've had every version since 6.0 and it's evolved very well, 1.5 to 2.0 has probabaly been the biggest leap visually. 6.5 is incredibly shit though, 6 was much better.

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