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Video Critique Guidelines

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If you're anxiously waiting for a critique after a long period of zero responses, try PMing some of the judges or reporting your post to a mod with the message: "Long awaited video critique." This is ONLY if your video has received no critiques upon posting for a significant amount of time (i.e. more than a week).

And to help keep video critique looking nice, and perhaps receive faster responses, try to label your topic like this:

[b]Topic Title:[/b]
- "X" Promo
- "X" Montage
- "X" Random Footy
- OR best description

[b]Topic Description:[/b]
- Critique: (Filming, Editing, etc.)

[b]In the Topic:[/b]
- Any other description or comments

If you're looking for a host, use your loving [url="http://www.skateperception.com/"]Skateperception[/url].


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