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How To Make Ur Title Come Out Of An Object

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so i decided to make a tutorial on how to make objects scroll out of an object

like so...http://vimeo.com/280703

1-ur gonna wanna open up photoshop or paint to make a text

2-get the text box open type in ur title

3-save ur picture...i choose to save it as jpg but thats w/e ur prefer....

4-open up ur video editing software....i use ulead for this type of editing but u can use anything that u can resize and image and make the backround transparent...

5-open up a new projct

6-place ur image on a video track in ur timeline...also put ur actuall video in another video track on ur timeline

7-now u ahve to plan where in the video u want ur title to come out of...i used a video where everything is still b/c thats the easiest...i made the title come out of a pole...as u noticed i made the image smaller and made the furthest left part of the pictur up against the pole..make sure the backround of ur title is transparent by using chroma keyeing..

8-now go into keyframing or pan and zoom(in my case)....then make ur title go from the side ur object is on...in my case the left so i made the tile go from left to right which made it go in and out of the screen....now since u resized it to the part of where ur object is it should scroll out liek this

9-now u should be done with this if u did it right( i explained it as best i could and here are some sample pictures)

10-preview it to make sure everything went accordingly to ur plan then render to the quality u want...i used mpeg2 here...but its ur prefercence

once agin here is my final product

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There are so many ways to do this same effect, but this is a great tutorial for a beginner to get a feel for it.

Nice job.

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you do not have any idea how badly i wanted this tutorial.
i have so much footy to use this on, but i dont have a stupid cap cam.

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