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Holga Slitted Insert

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Holga Slitted Insert


i am making this since the idea was mentioned in a hogla lomography book yet they had failed to describe how to make it.




First off we need some black construction paper, that has to be cut into a rectangle with the dimensions of 4 5/8 inches by

2 5/8 inches




So basically it looks like this:

(don't mind the horrible rectangle i just couldn't find real scissors)




Don't let the next image discourage you, but i tried to measure this out so each individual slit would have a black border around it:




Once everything is cut: measure about an inch for the folding points on both sides:




now to see if everything is about right take your insert and lie it flat out on a piece of paper and trace the inside of the slitted spaces then flip over the insert and trace it again to see if they line up pretty close to being correct. Now to actually use this you need the 6x6 insert already into the camera then you just slide this right in on top and load up your film. Advance to frame 1 and make sure frame 1 is exactly center. As you take photos make sure each number is exactly centered...this will help later on. After trial and error i found that it is much easier to stop taking photos at photo 11. Once you reach photo 11 take it into a completely black area usually a bathroom or closet seal all ways of light getting in (i close my shower curtain) and open your holga. (This is where it gets tricky and why it is much easier to have stopped on 11. If you were to shoot on 12 the film wont be as snug as it was before and your film can shift when you begin to rewind it causing each slit not to align.) Now rewind your film by hand back to the very start. If for some reason it still doesn't roll perfectly then don't worry it might actually realign itself. once the film is rewound back to the beginning rotate your slitted insert around allowing it to expose the unexposed portions. spin it 180 degrees. reinsert your film, close the hogla up, and advance to the number one again making sure the number 1 is exactly in the middle of the window. This will make sure your photos don't overlap. then just finish off the roll and thats it.


i am horrible at explaining things but if you think about it it's actually really easy.


here are examples:



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im glad you did this, i saw it in the holga book,and was semi interested.


heres my question tho?.. if you used a stiffer paper/harder material would the "boxes/borders" look more clean cut? like the curvy edges is that caused by the paper flexing or did you cut it like that?

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that's what i was thinking but i used some heavy strength black construction paper....this is pretty stiff crap, but i guess it got softer over time i was thinking about some sort of insert made of sheet metal.....but then you would risk damaging or scratching the film.

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