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Assignments Rules

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Each assignment will have it's own specific rules, but these rules will apply to all assignments:



1. Entries must be screen grabs of the hosted video.

2. One entry per person, but it can be changed as many times as you like (before the deadline).

3. No previous winning clips may be entered.

4. With the exception of select assignments, you don't need to film your assignment entry; you just need to edit it. This is impossible to regulate, so we'll just have to use the honor system.



1. With the exception of select assignments, everyone will vote for their top three choices.

First choice = 3 points

Second choice = 2 points

Third choice = 1 point

2. No voting for yourself.

3. Only members (those with 100+ posts--i.e. not "future whores") may enter (unless you entered the assignment or voting is limited to those who entered).


Here are the assignment medals:

vx-medal-gold-1.png1st Place

vx-medal-silver-1.png2nd Place

vx-medal-bronze-1.png3rd Place

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