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adam hopkins

Make Any Ledge Skateable In 30 Mins

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Make any ledge skate able in roughly 30 mins

your gonna need 3-4 tools




1. A Rub-Brick http://www.wagmanmetal.com/pro_tools/rub_brick.asp

2. a pry bar(depending if there's caps or not) http://www.bosstoolsupply.com/productimages/grip/60238.jpg

3. Fast Drying Clear Lacquer http://www.toolstation.com/images/library/...ebbig/44132.jpg

4. Wax





1. A Rub-Brick is a concrete sanding stone pretty much, It's used to remove form marks from concrete. When taken to a rough ledge it grinds down the concrete to eventually make it smooth. Also works well at smoothing out chips and smoothing out worn out pool coping.


You can find a rub brick at ace hardware in the states usually, up here in Vancouver I had to go to a specialty masonry supply store after calling around. They'll run you between $15-$30(cdn dollar).


2. Crow Bar

If the ledge has caps/ knobs/ skate stoppers that should be pried off, (self explanatory)


3. Fast drying clear lacquer

Once your ledge is sanded smooth, the lacquer provides a smooth seal over the ledge. This is what they use on pool coping to make it grind easier.


You can get it from any hardware store, for around $4 a can (cdn dollar)


4. Wax

After your ledge is sanded and lacquer is dry put some wax on see how it grinds, if the ledge is still grippy you didn't sand it enough with the rub-brick. But you just need to add more lacquer or wax extra


(it all depends on the situation and how heat it is, sometimes a quick rub-brick sanding and a dose of heavy lacquer will make the ledge skate able but a bit rougher)




1. Rub down ledge with Rub-Brick do edge, top and side to get a complete cover for all tricks (grinds, blunts, slides)

2. Take a towel or piece of clothing and dust off the ledge (you don't want any dust in you laquer)

3. When your ledge or coping is cleaned off start spraying the laquer, edge, top and side

4. Keep spraying you want the laquer to be sitting up off the ledge so it can sink into the concrete and give it a nice coat of laquer

5. once dried the pool coping is done and ready to be skated but a ledge should be waxed.

6. wax the ledge shouldnt take more than 5 minutes to get the ledge nice and buttery


I'll be posting pictures soon, I'll be fixing up a ledge tomorrow.


If you have questions in the mean time post em. This works really well and doesn't require much work

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question - can you get them at home depot

a - No or atleast thats how it was for me they ahd no idea what I was talkign about try Ace Hardware in the states


Question-will it work on rough brick ledges

a - yes it will, sand down the brick get it smooth, laquer it and wax it, to make it even better fill the cracks with bondo and sand them down






I used it on a granite ledge to try, it worked pretty good you dont have to lacquer granite of course. It wears the brick a lot quicker to do on granite then on concrete.



I never ended up making the guide with photos but I will soon

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what would you do if the ledge is already waxed but doesnt slide

you go buy a candle for about 2 dollars

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im trying to think of ledges i've seen but werent skateable


not necessarily not skateable, but how about rough where you gotta wax it alot to make it grind, thats where the rub brick is perfect

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any pictures/video yet?

i want to see how it turned out.


ive done 3 or 4 ledges now you learn alot from doing it each time.


puddle on the lacquer put it in really thick and it'll be amazing to skate

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