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New: Fs & Wtt Threads In Wtb

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This is the "Wanted to Buy" sub-forum. There are to be NO "For Sale" or "For Trade" threads made within this section. Any made will be deleted on sight.

Each infraction makes you subject to a 7 day account ban. These bans are cumulative–they add up.

Each successive infraction doubles the ban. 2nd strike = 14 days, 3rd strike = 21.

Get with the rules or get out.


Rule Supplement:

You get 3 strikes. On the 4th you get banned forever.


Anyone entertaining users who violate the rules will have points taken.

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ok, im not 100% positive yet, if i want to. but any way, ive got a pretty mint vx1000, just got back from ve, with a nikon fc-e9 mod with a TINY blemish, thats not noticable in footy, 2 batterys, and a charger. i want to trade it for a dvx opteka setup with atleast 1 batt and a charger.

i dont care if the lens is scratched, just like not to noticible...



lMAO is this guy serious ^

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