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Pocket Wizards & Canon 430ex's

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I have this setup 3 wizards & 2 430EX's and have been constantly getting misfires on and off since I bought them.. I did lots of searching on the internet and could never find a reason why.. Just before I was about to sell the flashes on I did one last check.


It seems the radio frequency the flashes gives off is to loud and disrupts the pocket wizards from communicating with eachother!


On the list of canon flashes that do this mine are the worst. Followed by the newer 580EX II :goldenwub:


The only possible fix for this is placing the wizards as far as possible away from the flashes! So before selling them on ive tried this idea and it actually works pretty well I can trigger them from much further distances now! I just recently got a SB-26 and im hoping that does a better job with the wizards..


Links talking about the problem:







My advice from which I got off of here(after I bought the flashes) dont buy them! If your on a budget get the mark II's of the 430EX which seems to be alot better! If you have them already and cant afford new flashes try and get long cords so you can place them further away.

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