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Nikon D200 Unlimited Flashsync Hack

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SB-800 mounted on hot shoe aimed straight up at 1/128 power (therefore not contibuting to the exposure). By setting your synch speed to 250FP and hooking up the SB-800 (or an SB-600) to the hot shoe it 'tricks' the D200 into the high speed synch mode. Hook the PW up the the PC terminal and the 2 Vivitars to PW's. As you can see there is a significant decrease in exposure from 1/250 (the cameras upper synch speed) and 1/500. However, there is little change from 1/500 to 1/1000. Then about a one stop decrease in light each stop beyond 1/1000 (which makes perfect sense since the Vivitar full power flash duration is 1/1000 and so each shutter speed beyond that is a natural one stop decrease in light).


Anyway, having usable shutter speeds this high (with some obvious trade-offs) I think will be very useful (especially, for example, when trying to overpower the sun).


LINK: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7902684@N02/810823064/

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Not many people know about this - it's very useful. I heard about it a while ago from Ryan Allan - I didn't know it was up on this site until today. I've got lots of data on it - here's a chart using my D700...




Here's a write-up on the Sunpak test...






I never got around to making a write-up about the Speedotrons, but it's the same idea - there are less shots with the Speedos because I did the test in my apartment and ran out of space (the lights were too bright to keep slowing down the shutter). I chose the plush toy because it had a great color range (it's my girlfriend's - I think it's a character from Final Fantasy or something).


The Sunpaks only work at full for this method - the duration and curve attributes at half power are not suitable. So the drawback is you can only adjust ratios for multiple lights by moving them closer or further away. A small price to pay for the increase in sync speed, if you ask me. The Speedotrons are actually wickedly versatile in this situation because they have "variable voltage" dial-down where you can adjust the power without affecting duration (that and the 102 heads already have really slow durations, so you can use them even at minimum power - anywhere from 37.5 W/S to 1200 W/S and beyond!)

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I just bought a D7000 body for my wife as a hobby camera. Even though the camera body doesn't have a PC terminal, it's still compatible with this hack! Simply plug the Pocketwizard into the SB-800's PC terminal and you're good to go. I imagine it's the same deal with other cheaper DX bodies. This method works on the full frame D700 body, as well.


Also, CMeast told me that the hack works when using an older HSS-compatible speedlight on the camera's hotshoe. He got it to work with an SB-24 as the 'commander'.


EDIT: Also works fully with the D800 body.

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