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does anyone have suggestions of what to do with the 20 or so shirts i have that no one bought?

Well first off, let's see 'em? Secondly, "sale."

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Yeah it sucks that this thread is dead. Let's help each other!


I recently started my own headwear brand with a friend of mine.


We started looking for manufacturers everywhere, and it's really not that hard to find someone to make your caps/clothing or what ever.


We produce caps in China. When I first started emailing with a sales person in some factory, it seemed kind of sketchy with they're payment methods and everything, but then I just though what the hell, and did everything they told me to. Everything worked fine and we're now up and running.


My point is that if you want to do it, do it. Don't think too much about risks and consequences. You're probably not going to pay that much your first time of ordering, so it won't be that big of a deal IF it doesn't go as planned.


To find manufacturers, try searching like "Snapback cap OEM" or something, and it'll probably take you to either alibaba.com or madeinchina.com.


It seems kind of hard to find manufacturers in the US or Europe. Anyone know some good ones that make headwear except FlatFitty and Premier Fits?



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If you use flatfitty I'm pretty sure they put their brand tags on the inside no matter what. Out sourcing or finding somewhere locally is your best bet. I used to have the place that does Supreme Huf and few other brands if anyone is interested I can probably find it again for you.

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